Aly Raisman, Pleaseeee Get Snapchat

by Caitlyn Callegari

I can not imagine what the pressure is like being an Olympian — or just merely training to qualify to be in the Olympics. So, despite following many of the 2012 Summer Olympians on Twitter for a solid four years now, I just don't honestly know when they find the time to tweet. Because, for them, I'm sure drumming up 140 characters or less on any given topic would take sweet time out of training or resting or some other responsibility I probably wouldn't understand. In the four years since the last games, though, Snapchat has really taken off, and I'm not as in tune with the Olympic personalities on there. But, the foremost person on my mind in terms of snaps, is one especially impressive gymnast: Does Aly Raisman have Snapchat?

Well, after doing some perusing, it appears that in between polishing her gold medal, traveling, and participating in grueling workouts and stressful competitions, Raisman has not yet made a Snapchat account. It's fine, I'm new to the app myself. We can't all be puppy dog filter aficionados at once, you know? It'd take away from the specialness of it. But, just because she doesn't currently have a Snapchat doesn't mean she won't eventually get one to help everyone keep up with her Olympic journey. So, if you're reading this, Aly, we'd all love to get an inside view into what's going on in Rio, if you're so inclined.

If you're super bummed about the gymnast's lack of snapping, it's OK, because you can still follow Raisman, just not exclusively. Thankfully, as Bustle previously pointed out, although she isn't on the app, the U.S. Gymnastics team is. In fact, they're so into snapping that their Twitter icon is of their Snapchat logo. That's right, you guys. We have found a loophole. I repeat, there is a glitch in the matrix. So, what's the U.S. Gymnastics' Team Snapchat name? It is simply, "usa_gym."

And, by the looks of it, they're pretty good at the whole thing:

See? It may not be Raisman's personal Snap account, but it's a great alternative.

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