It's Cool, You Can Leave Your Pokemon At The Gym

We're only a few weeks into the epidemic that is "Pokemon Go" and no, it doesn't look like the craze will be letting up anytime soon. While our nation is currently being cradled in the Pikachu-powered palms of the this addictive game, we've stared asking some big questions: What is a "Pokemon Go" gym? What are Combat Points? Should I choose Team Mystic, Team Valor or Team Instinct? The one I'm actually most curious to answer, now that I'm a proudly #TeamMystic (don't hate) is whether or not I can leave my precious Pokemon babies at a gym and if so, how do I do it?

Well, to answer the first part, yes, you can totally leave your Pokemon at a gym that belongs to your chosen team. Gyms are the "Pokemon Go"-version of the YMCA, a unique gathering space that lets your house your Pokemon, battle your Pokemon against other players' Pokemon or place your Pokemon to defend the gym's ownership. Basically, you want to frequent the gym because it's the one place to stay up-to-date on your battling skills and (bonus!) it might mean you end up socializing with other game-players. Who doesn't want to bond over "Pokemon Go"? Further adding to this team spirit, you can leave your Pokemon at a gym of your choosing. If you do this, you can help solidify your chosen team's stronghold over said gym. You should make note that you can only leave one Pokemon at one gym that belongs to your team. This may be annoying but luckily, you can leave Pokemon at gyms all over town, so don't worry about feeling limited. So, how do you leave your Pokemon at the gym?

According to Chris Jecks over at Twinfinite, it's not an intensive process. Thank goodness! Once you find a gym belonging to your team, enter the gym by tapping on the icon. Once you're "inside" you can go to the bottom of the gym's page and click "Add Pokemon." Choose which Pokemon you want to leave there and presto! You've just left behind on of your Pokemon at the gym. While Jecks doesn't mention how long you can leave your Pokemon at the gym, as a player of the game myself, I would recommend you not leave them behind too long. Not only does picking up your Pokemon from the gym prevent forgetting about them, but it will also be useful to have them back in your care in case you really need them. It might also be good to note that the way I see it, it might be useful to not leave your Pokemon at a gym that is too far away from your home. That way you don't end up losing the precious Pokemon you worked so hard to catch!

Has anyone left their Pokemon at a gym yet? If so, were you filled with separation anxiety, as I imagine you would have been? No? It must just be me. But real talk: Would you leave your Pokemon at the gym?

Image: Giphy