Twitter Reactions To Kylie Cosmetics' New Lip Glosses Prove That Lip Kit Mania Hasn't Ended

It's always a big event when Kylie Jenner launches a new Lip Kit, a new color, or restocks her products, and today was no exception. Jenner added some new gloss colors, and the Twitter reactions to Kylie Cosmetics' new lip glosses prove that the lines popularity is still going strong. I know there was all that speculation over customer service, but the fans seem pretty pleased if these Tweets are anything to go by.

Jenner already had lip glosses in her collection, but today she did something new: She launched glosses in the same shades as her insanely popular matte colors, and you know what that means? Layering possibilities, as well as the ability to mix-and-match glosses and lip colors. So that's definitely something to get excited about.

But if you're wondering if this company actually has staying power, or if the popularity has started to wane over time, then you might want to check out Twitter, because the new lip glosses just dropped an hour ago, and fans are already freaking out. Also, unfortunately, as you can imagine, some of the colors are already sold out. And it hasn't even been a full day yet! The struggle of being a Kylie Cosmetics fan is so real.

But not everyone missed out. Some fans are proudly declaring their purchase:

While others are freaking because they didn't get one:

And then this one fan just completely has no shame over her devotion to the line:

I think it's safe to say β€” the people have spoken, and they are satisfied.

Image: kyliecosmetics/Instagram