When To Buy Kylie's Summer Lip Kits Because You Need Them ASAP — PHOTOS

On Friday, Kylie Jenner launched the latest additions to her Kylie Cosmetics family. The four new Kylie glosses are in the same hues as her lip kits. However on Friday, she also gave a peak of her new summer lip kits, so you'll definitely want to know when to buy Kylie's summer lip kits. The Kylie Cosmetics summer lip kits are going to be available on two different dates: Kristen and Maliboo will go on sale on July 20, while Ginger will go on sale on July 22.

Like most of Jenner's lip kits and color launches, there seems to be a schedule to the way she releases her lip kits. Things seem to be switching up at Kylie Cosmetics, though. While Jenner was restocking her website with lip kits, glosses, and metal mattes weekly, recently, she has been stocking the Kylie Cosmetics site so full that sell-outs have been happening less quickly making the need for weekly restocks less of an issue. With the new Kylie Cosmetics summer colors, though, a true sell out could be possible.

So if you were wondering when to buy Kylie's summer lip kits, you can snag them SO soon. But you may want to do it quickly. Whenever a new shade launches on Kylie Cosmetics, they're notorious for being the first hues to sell out. With the summer lip kit colors being so bomb, my guess is these babies will, too.

In case you missed it, here are Jenner's new matte lip kit colors:

1. Kristen

I wonder who this is named after

She's calling it a strawberry matte.

2. Maliboo

This pinky nude is so Kylie.

3. Ginger

This reminds me a bit of 22, no?

It's got a mauvey tinge though.

To recap, the first two, Kristen and Maliboo will go on sale on July 20 at 3pm PST, while Ginger will hit the site on July 22. No time was announced just yet.

Images: King Kylie/Snapchat