Justin Timberlake Plays a College Student in 'Runner Runner': What Would the Rest of 'N Sync Play?

In the trailer for Justin Timberlake's new movie, Runner Runner, JT plays a high-stakes gambling college student (with best friend Jean-Ralphio!) who faces off against a crocodile-wielding Ben Affleck. That's right: Thirty-two-year-old married man Justin Timberlake plays a college student. (Oh yeah, and Ben Affleck pushes someone into a horde of crocodiles, so that happened.) He looks young — not 'N Sync days young, but he can pull it off.

Speaking of which, though haven't graced the silver screens as often as Timberlake, the singer's former bandmates' current looks are likely suited to their own roles. But what would each 'N Sync member play today? (And we know you're about to ask for an "On the Line" sequel. You are human, after all.)

JC Chasez

The "Safe" Rom Com Boyfriend

Oh, poor Chasez. He had the pipes, he had the moves, he had the voice, but it just wasn't quite enough to reach Timberlake-levels of fame. I mean, Chasez was my 'N Sync crush, but I can't remember what his face looks like and I literally just googled him five minutes ago. Chasez is so the rom-com boyfriend: He's cute and he does everything right, but he just doesn't have that "spark." He will forever be the James Marsden to Justin Timberlake's Ryan Gosling.

Joey Fatone

The Mob Family Son

Fatone played one of the cousins in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, and it's easy to see why. Just look at that suit! Need an oldest son of a big Italian-American crime family for your next movie? (Not the one that inherits the business, but the one that's kind of a screw up and eats too much lasagna.) You're in luck!

Lance Bass

Teen Movie Villain

There's a reason we all thought Bass would track us down after talking to us one time on the subway, as he did in the disaster classic On the Line: those piercing blue eyes, that platinum blonde hair... he's got the makings of super-straight(!), frat boy, blue-blood royalty. He was basically born to be Andrew McCarthy in Pretty in Pink.

Chris Kirkpatrick

Dealer in a Weed Flick

Or Adam Duritz biopic. Take your pick. Because no other type of person rocks a goatee and wears tattoo shirts in earnest.

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