These ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival Spoilers Mean Jess & Rory Are Endgame, Probably

Here’s how I spend my days these days: Scouring the web for any and all spoilers from the Gilmore Girls revival that point to Jess and Rory ending up together. I can’t help myself. I know the world is Rory’s oyster, but there is still a small, super romantic part of me that wants her to end up with Jess in the long run. And even though I have my doubts that it will actually happen, there have been some major clues that point to the possibility that Jess and Rory will end up together in the Gilmore Girls revival.

Like this one: It’s not a lot to rest your hat on, but the fact that Jess may be in the final episode of the revival seems telling to me. For an episode that is bound to be chock full of emotional moments that resonate in all of our hearts, I think it’s pretty revealing that Jess may be in it. It could mean that he comes in and sweeps Rory off her Logan-loving feet. Or it could mean that he is up to his old ways, stealing scenes and all of our hearts.

Especially since another one of the spoilers is the fact that Jess’ appearance reportedly helps some other key characters develop emotionally. It’s what Milo Ventimiglia said himself in an interview with E!. He explained that Jess’ role in the revival includes “pop[ping] back into Stars Hollow” and “kick[ing] up dirt like he always does, in a very nice cloud that will help other characters along in their life.” Now that could just mean that Jess is, like he has been in the past, a major catalyst for Rory’s emotional development. Like, from a distance. Or, it could mean that he swoops back into Rory’s life and shakes everything up by proposing, marrying her, and living happily every after.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What? A Gilmore fan can dream!

The other spoiler comes from an on-set picture taken by a fan on the Warner Brothers lot. In it, Jess’ car sits in the back lot with not only snow on the windshield but with what appears to be a Connecticut license plate.

Ummm… has there been a bigger spoiler than this?? What is Jess’ car doing in Connecticut with local plates on it if not moving in with Rory and living happily every after? OK, I might be getting ahead of myself, but there’s also the fact that Jess’ car is covered in snow. And knowing those Gilmore girls, scenes with snow in them are always magical. The fact that Jess’ car is covered in it could mean that whatever scenes he shares with Rory are really significant to the revival.

Here’s hoping all of these spoilers point to one thing and one thing only: Rory and Jess ending up together in the Gilmore Girls revival. I’m crossing everything on my body that it comes true.

Image: Warner Bros. Pictures