Jess Fans, This 'Gilmore Girls' News Is AMAZING

I have to hand it to the citizens of Stars Hollow, they take amazing care of their cars. Well, either that, or Gypsy is the car whisperer. First, photos of Lorelai's Jeep and Luke's truck emerged — and now, thanks to Instagram user mssasha, we now know that the Gilmore Girls revival may feature Jess' beloved car (or at least one that looks an awful lot like it) as well. Yes, somehow, Jess' broken down car appears to still be running a good decade after he purchased it. For Jess, that car symbolized freedom — but even he would have to admit it has been through a lot: Rory and Lorelai deviled egged it, Luke "stole" it to force Jess to go back to school, and it broke down in Stars Hollow in Season 4.

Now, fans will remember Jess' car in the series was a tan color, and this rust bucket is green. Either Jess gave his car a makeover at some point in the past decade, or he traded it in for an equally cool classic car. Either way, it is good to see Jess is staying close to his roots, just like his Uncle Luke.

Even more important than the car itself is the part where it is covered in snow. Snow equals winter, and "Winter" is the first episode of the revival. Does this mean Jess will be spending the holidays in Stars Hollow with his family?!

You guys, imagine Christmas with the Gilmore/Danes/Mariano/Nardini brood. Jess celebrating the holidays alongside Lorelai, Rory, Luke, and April is a dream scenario that could actually happen. All of the revival information points to Rory being at a crossroads in her life as her journalism career has stalled. Jess motivated Rory to get her head back in the game once, maybe he is going to help her find her new path once again.

The part I'm clinging to is that beautiful snow, because it means Jess will be part of the revival right from the start. Milo Ventimiglia is scheduled to appear in three episodes, and this pretty much confirms his first appearance will be in the premiere. Even better: it hints that he could be visiting Stars Hollow.

As much as I love Jess' New York City spirit, I love seeing him in Stars Hollow even more. The town was such an important part of the amazing man he became. Without Stars Hollow, Luke, and Rory, who knows what would have happened to Jess. Seeing him come home to be with his family would be yet another sign that Jess truly has matured and learned to appreciate the important things in life.

Now all that is missing is a photo of Jess and Rory together, and all of my Gilmore Girls revival dreams will have come true.

Images: Warner Bros. Television; Giphy