'The Bachelorette' May Show A Deeper Side Of Chase

Well, it looks as if #McNaryMondays are safe for now. As of last episode, Chase is one of the four Bachelorette contestants left standing. (Call me crazy, but I think the alliterative hashtag he coined himself deserves some of the credit.) That means he will whisk JoJo Fletcher off to his hometown to meet his family; his dwindling competition — Jordan, Robby, and Luke — will do the same. Chase is from Denver, Colorado, which is where JoJo will be traveling to meet his parents and other important people in his life. Hometown dates are trusty sources of drama and secrets revealed. If I were JoJo, I'd want to be as prepared as possible before I set foot into the family home of one of the four dudes courting me at the same time. So, who exactly are Chase's parents?

ABC's extended preview for the July 18 episode puts heavy emphasis on JoJo getting truth bombs about the relationship between Jordan and his NFL quarterback brother Aaron Rodgers and the end of Robby's last relationship, which happened a few months before he moved into The Bachelorette mansion. Chase's family doesn't have much of a presence in that trailer, which might point to a breezy and comfortable Colorado vacation. (Bustle has reached out to Chase via Twitter for more information on his family and has not yet received a response.) Chase's dad certainly looks delighted to meet JoJo; as he walks through the door, he envelopes her in a bear hug.

He may not have a brother who plays for the Packers, but I'm still intrigued by Chase's family, if only because of one meaning-laden comment in his official ABC bio. When Chase was asked who he'd be if he could trade places with someone else for just one day, he said, "My dad, to get a better understanding of the decisions he made." Hmm. Like what kind of decisions, Chase? It should be noted that Chase's father arrives alone in that preview clip, in sharp contrast to the other broods JoJo is being introduced to.

Take one pass through Chase's Instagram, and you'd assume his mother would be on the other side of that door too. The two seem to have a close and loving relationship that particularly shows on the golf course. Apparently it's a Mother's Day tradition for Chase and his mom to hit 19 holes together. If Chase and his mother are so tight, then why isn't she there to shake JoJo's hand?

A press release posted by the Futon Critic may offer some clues, as it reads, "JoJo starts her hometown visits on a snowcapped mountaintop in Colorado, where Chase waits for her. He anxiously reveals to JoJo that because of his parents' acrimonious divorce, she will be meeting his parents separately." I'm willing to bet that JoJo and Chase are going to sit down and have a deep conversation in light of this, particularly about how his family situation may influence his own romantic relationships. JoJo has said before that she wants Chase to open up more and this seems like a great opportunity to do just that and have an emotional talk.

Bachelorette viewers have accused Chase of fading into the background for much of the season, but the hometown dates and learning more about his family should uncover a deeper version of the Colorado native.

Image: Adam Larkey/ABC