Netflix Just Created The Best Feature For BFFs

by Amy Roberts

Those of us who consider ourselves to be something of an expert when it comes to choosing and recommending the perfect Netflix TV show or films for a particular mood may be used to creating handpicked lists for our friends. Maybe your besties need to be navigated towards uplifting content to help them through a tough time, or they might just be looking for the scariest and silliest horror movies to watch with their date on a Friday night. Either way, the art of creating a specific Netflix recommendation list has become something of a modern phenomena. It certainly seems as though the streaming channel has noticed, too, as Netflix has created Flixtape, a shareable playlist feature which enables users to create easily customized playlists of Netflix content with friends. Presented in the style of a classic mixtape, Flixtape gives users the freedom to create a thematic name for their playlist, select the movies and shows which fit the theme, add a cover and then share their creation with friends online.

Suffice to say, though simple, Flixtape is also a pretty innovative concept. As well as being a refreshingly modern take on the classic mixtape, the service also provides friends with an essential way to share beloved content between themselves without having to disturb the privacy of their weekend Gilmore Girls marathon sessions on the couch:

For those of us simply looking for our own slices of inspiration, however, Flixtape also comes with the option of searching through pre-made ones, with titles like, "The Besties Or Fremenies Flixtape" (which features Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Pretty Little Liars) and "The Kiss And Tell Flixtape" (featuring Jane The Virgin and Eat Pray Love).

Wonderfully easy to use, Flixtape also provides the option of allowing users to search via specific titles or genres, just as you would do on Netflix. You can find out more by going straight to the Netflix Flixtape site here and poking around — but, if you're looking for a few extra tidbits of inspiration for your first few flixtapes, then just browse some of these ideas below:

The Rebound Flixtape

Who To Send It To: The friend going through a bad breakup whom you desperately want to save from any further tears. Give them a rebound to believe in with a sardonic, bitter flixtape that'll leave them feeling empowered.

What To Add To It: Love, Frances Ha, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

The Best Friends Forever Flixtape

Who To Send It To: That best friend of yours who moved across the other side of the country for college. You totally owe her a call, right? Show her how you feel with a playlist.

What To Add To It: Life Partners, Grace And Frankie, Friends

The Things Could Be Worse Flixtape

Who To Send It To: Somebody who's currently stuck in a cycle of seemingly endless "bad days." Sometimes, a person just needs a little bit of perspective that, hey, things might be bad — but at least you're not being haunted, possessed, or hunted down by lord knows what.

What To Add It: The Pact, The Babadook, The ABC's Of Death

The Please Stop Sneezing Flixtape

Who To Send It To: The friend who is currently quarantined in their own bedroom due to a bad case of the germs and sniffles. Nothing says "get well soon (but don't pass your illness on to me)" like an uplifting playlist sent from afar.

What To Add To It: Sixteen Candles, Malcolm In The Middle, Goosebumps

The Laugh It Off, Champ Flixtape

Who To Send It To: That friend of yours who got ignored for promotion again and whom is still experiencing blatant sexism in the workplace. Ugh. Fight back with comedy, ladies.

What To Add To It: Jen Kirkman: I'm Gonna Die Alone (And I Feel Fine), Leslie Jones: Problem Child, Chelsea Peretti: One Of The Greats

The Sorry You Drank So Much Last Night Flixtape

Who To Send It To: The pal of yours who thought drinking Pinot Grigot until 4 a.m. was a good idea. They're going to be feeling fragile, so give them something fluffy, delicate, and fun to help soothe that pain.

What To Add To It: Pee Wee's Big Holiday, Back To The Future, Home

So please, go forth, create, and share some flawless Netflix Flixtape's with your favorite people. Because, I mean, how else will they ever know that you're still thinking of them during the eighth hour of your Grey's Anatomy binge session? Exactly. Sharing is caring, people.

Images: Netflix (6); IFC Films; Columbia Pictures