11 Pieces Of '90s Apparel To Buy Now, Since Reliving This Decade Is Far From Over — PHOTOS

I swear that the '90s have been "back" for the past four years. Arguably since 2012, we've been reviving '90s trends and donning any vintage '90s clothing we can find in order to look trendy, in the now, and, of course, to reminisce over what once was. There are two primary reasons I think this decade has resonated with the fashion of today for as long as it has: Firstly, almost no Millennial wants to let go of the time before the world was horrible, scary, and way too grown up. Secondly, a lot of the trends from the decade of yesteryear were just stylish as hell.

From grunge to Clueless, from Spice Girls co-ords to Kate Moss minimalism, '90s style had something for everyone, regardless of how little or how much they cared to impress. Even if you might not have found rave-style trends at all cool, you could find plenty of gorgeously simple LBDs on any red carpet during this era.

From all the different '90s trends came some style staples that were seen across the sartorial board — or at least, seen more than once in each friendship group, sitcom family, or MTV Video Music Awards red carpet. These are just a few items of '90s apparel that I think belong in everybody's wardrobe, regardless of your actual '90s kid status or not.

1. Slip Dresses

Vintage '90s Metallic Maxi Slip Dress, $28, etsy.com/blackpaganvintage

A slip dress — whether mini or maxi — automatically makes a person look chic and is a staple in any wardrobe.

2. Bike Shorts

'90s Bike Shorts, $23, etsy.com/downhousevintage

Before there was the leggings as pants debate, there was the bike shorts as pants debate. Whether worn with an oversized sweater, as rightful pants on their own, or layered under a cute skirt, bike shorts are due a major comeback.

3. Tartan Skirts

Vintage '90s Pleated Tartan Skirt, $20, etsy.com/floralstreet

From Clueless lovers, to those who preferred Heathers, and even those who only really cared about grunge music, tartan was everywhere in the '90s and it's a trend that's stayed consistently cool since then.

4. Windbreakers

Vintage Blue Paisley Windbreaker, $32, etsy.com/lowfructose

I don't know about America, but here in the U.K., anybody reviving the '90s rave scene has a suitably '90s windbreaker to match. The crazier the pattern or colors, the better. Plus, these jackets are just super practical, which makes them so much more than a stylish item.

5. Mom Jeans

Acid Wash '90s High Waist Jordache Jeans, $65, etsy.com/actualteen

For a good 10 years, I assumed jeans that weren't skinny would never come back in style. I was proven wrong by mom jeans and I'm glad, because this '90s trend is so much more comfortable, casual, and cool.

6. Dr. Martens

'90s Doc Martens, $89, etsy.com/33vtg

This shoe has been consistently popular for as long as I can remember, but when paired with a cropped jumper and a tartan skirt on Liv Tyler in Empire Records, these kicks became emblematic of '90s style. The more beat up, the better, so investing in a vintage pair is wise if you want to stay truly stylish. (Or just drag your fresh pair through loads of mud, under a car, or to hell and back.)

7. Tie Dye T-Shirts

Vintage '90s Tie Dye Tee, $10.83, etsy.com/shopbodacious

Tie dye was to the '90s what roll-on glitter was to the early '00s — impossible to avoid, but still incredibly cool when worn the right way. An oversized tie dye tee is a staple in any wardrobe, IMO, even if it's just to wear to bed.

8. Good Quality Flannel

Vintage '90s Flannel Shirt, $7.95, etsy.com/vintagewholesaleshop

I have a personal vendetta against whoever decided that plaid shirts for women would be made of the thinnest material ever, be incredibly fitted, and often have poppers instead of buttons. To avoid this, one can either go to the menswear section of a store or purchase some vintage, high-quality flannel, so you can stay warm and true to the '90s at the same time.

9. Babydoll Dresses

Vintage '90s Blue Floral Baby Doll Dress, $28, etsy.com/lessthanzero

Channel your inner Courtney Love and Drew Barrymore with at least one babydoll dress in your wardrobe. It's instantly stylish when paired with red lippie, fishnets, and your Dr. Martens.

10. White Socks

'90s Levi's White Socks 3 Pack, $25, etsy.com/downrivervogue

TBH, you don't really need to go authentic for this garment. Just keep in mind that no sock is more '90s than a white sock paired with rolled-up jeans and a low D.M. shoe.

11. Trippy Jumpsuits

Pink Milk '90s Cat Suit, $68, etsy.com/unborntreasures

Bring back the rave scene full force in a skintight jumpsuit that will help you feel as comfortable as if you were naked while jumping around the club.

OK, some of these may be style staples more than others — although if you ask me, a neon jumpsuit is a wardrobe necessity — but they're all true to '90s aesthetics. If you really want to remember every aspect of style from this decade, these are the garments you need.

Images: Courtesy Brands