Why The New Star Wars Action Figure Is Perfection

I don't want too get too excited to early on with not enough proof, but it may just be the case that the days of overly sexualized female action figures are finally coming to an end with a little help from Star Wars. On Saturday, July 16 at the Star Wars Celebration, two new action figures were introduced: 'Kylo Ren Unmasked' which features a detachable Adam Driver-face and our new hero Jyn Erso. I might not be the first to think it or even write it, but the new Jyn Erso Star Wars action figure is perfection.

Star Wars has a troubled past with lady action figures. Back in the day, an option for a Princess Leia action figure was the scantily-clad Slave Leia and in the prequels several of Princess Amidala's action figures rock a crop top and sexy stance. These women are warriors and politicians just like everyone else in the series but they're the only ones who have to worry about wardrobe malfunctions, too. Then, when the newest rendition of the franchise came to bat, our new girl Rey was decidedly missing from toy stores until everyone began complaining (#wheresrey) and Disney heard the cries of the people.

I know I began to believe in the future, and change, when Rey's action figure was finally realized. As Bustle writer Alexis Rhiannon pointed out, in many cases, "the male characters are represented as strong and capable, crouching in battle stance with their weapons at the ready — while the women, let's face it, are weirdly sexualized despite the fact that these are supposed to be kids toys." But the Rey action figure subverts this stereotype as Rhiannon goes on to say, "Love love love. She's wearing clothes appropriate for someone who spends a lot of time in the blazing heat, but is still an individual and discernibly female."

And it looks like Star Wars has continued with the appropriate battle wear for action figures like Jyn Erso.

With a removable blaster and a weather-appropriate hood, Erso's action figure looks like the toy the other toys don't want to mess with in the sandbox. Her garb is perfect for camouflage purposes, comfort, and convenience (would ya look at all those pockets). Then, there's that expression on her face which screams "I don't give a damn about your patriarchy." Guys, this is actual perfection.

Star Wars, Disney, anybody I missed, thank you so much. Now keep on making cool action figures of our favorite ladies... I'm thinking special edition Captain Phasma? Who's with me?

Images: Twitter/maggisaar, Twitter/totalfilm