'Bachelorette' Star Robby Has A Huge Family

The hometown dates on JoJo's season of The Bachelorette are here! Now's the time when the Bachelorette must prove to four different families that she could legitimately be in love with each of their four sons. JoJo knew she'd meet Robby's family on The Bachelorette before any of the other guys' families since she gave Robby the group date rose during the July 11 episode. So, what should Bachelor Nation expect when JoJo goes to Jacksonville, Florida to meet Robby's family?

While fellow suitor Jordan Rodgers' family has been getting the most attention this season of The Bachelorette thanks to Jordan's feud with his famous brother Aaron, that doesn't mean Robby's family isn't worth getting to know. And Robby appears to come from a seemingly happy household — at least according to his Instagram. Robby's family is also fairly large, as he indicated in his Bachelorette bio, and he's proud of that. When asked whether he'd want kids, his answer was, "Yes!! And hopefully soon! 3 … 4 … 5 … whatever my future wife and I are comfortable with. But coming from a large family, there's no chance we stop at two!"

Since Robby loves his large family, it's going to be essential that JoJo loves them too if she's going to choose Robby at the end of all this. So, here are a few things you need to know about the Hayes clan before JoJo meets them.

He Is One Of Five Kids

Bustle reached out to Robby's mom Holly for additional information on the Hayes family, and she wrote an email that reveals a lot about Robby, including that he has four siblings. Here's what she had to say about Robby:

They all have different personalities, but definite similarities too. Robby has always been the big brother. He had to deal with all of the first child rules... that got more lax as the years went by of course! He is super smart, competitive, a real romantic ( a couple of really cute things he did for JoJo will never been seen, but he was so cute to think them up.) He has a huge heart and loves doing things for others. He actually sent a gift to a few of the guys from to show after filming!

And here's what she had to say about his sibs:

Katie is married and lives and works in Pensacola, FL...Tyler is her husband. Great sense of humor and big heart.John Michael lives and works in Denver... still single ;o) and super funnyPatrick is a senior at Florida State University... single also ;o) and so sweet... my last boy, loves his Momma too.Grace is a junior at FSU in pre med... amazingly smart, and the 'baby' of the family.

His Parents Have A Loving Relationship

Even before Robby was on The Bachelorette, his dad posted a lot of photos of him with his wife — like the one above — on his Instagram account coach_hayes. Holly shared with Bustle how the couple met, and it's insanely cute. "Robert and I met on a blind date in June of 1987, were engaged in October, married the following March...we believe you can fall in love and find 'the one' quickly!" she says. "We both had recently ended long term relationships so we knew what we wanted AND what we did not want. We were lucky! I like to say I won the husband lottery!"Say it with me... awwww!

His Mom Is Having Fun Watching The Bachelorette

While not every parent would be thrilled to hear about his or her child going on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette, Robby's mom embraced the situation when she teased him about running around in his underwear during the July 11 episode. The family that laughs together, ends up on The Bachelorette together.

The Whole Family Seems To Support Him

It's not just Robby's mom who is watching The Bachelorette as his sister Katie showed her #TeamRoJo spirit with this above post to her own Instagram. His other sister Grace also sent Bustle a statement about her brother in which she calls him a "protective and caring" sibling. "When I would be put in timeout, Robby was the sibling that would always come sit with and talk with me because he didn't want me to be alone or sad," she says.

Grace was the one who nominated Robby for the show without him knowing. "Still to this day Robby has that caring and lovable personality which is ultimately why I decided to nominate him in hopes that he would find the love that he deserves," she says. "Robby isn't only brilliant and handsome and fun and extremely lovable he makes me thankful and proud to be able to call him my brother."

He Has Great Genes

I guarantee that it will take at least a second for you to correctly identify which one of the women in the above photo is his mom and which are his sisters.

Actually, They're All Pretty Attractive

I mean, whatever your feelings about Robby, you can't deny that he's good looking — just like everyone else in his immediate family.

His Brother Patrick Is His Mini-Me

Robby has two younger brothers, but according to this post, his brother Patrick is the one most similar to him. Does that mean Bachelor Nation will get Patrick on one of The Bachelor shows one day? His mom did say he was single...

They Like Posing For Christmas

There's this above photo his mom posted, or the very memorable abtastic Christmas onesie photo of the Hayes brothers that Robby posted. Whichever photo you prefer, they show how much the Hayes have Christmas spirit.

From the looks of it, JoJo could have a lot of fun being a member of Robby's close-knit and large crew, and I can't wait to watch their date go down!

Image: Michael LeGrand/ABC