12 Reasons I Want Robby To Leave 'The Bachelorette'

Ah, Robby. Moving from a dark horse to a clear Bachelorette front-runner in basically one episode flat is pretty impressive. But, after a pretty cute one-on-one in Uruguay that contained a shocking admission of love from the contestant, it's no surprise that Robby is on the tips of everyone's tongues as we go into Week 5. The problem? I think he's the worst. I know, I know, he seems very in touch with his feelings, he's super tender with JoJo, and he's pretty easy on the eyes, but there seems to be a lot more going on with this guy that makes me question his viability as JoJo's best match. Don’t believe me? I’ve rounded up 12 big reasons why Robby needs to leave The Bachelorette.

The biggest reason, of course, revolves around his split from his prior long-term girlfriend who Chad is now semi-dating and alleged that Robby broke up with her just to go on the show. However, Robby denied this when the conversation comes up in previews for the season. They were last spotted together on Instagram in November, not long before JoJo's season started taping, so at the very least he made a real quick turnaround, and I'm not sure I trust that. He's certainly not the worst guy on the show, but it's clear to me that he may not be the best fit for JoJo and should probably pack his bags.

1. He Moved On Pretty Quickly From His Last Girlfriend

As discussed above, this picture, which features Robby and his ex getting cuddly abroad, was taken just seven months ago. I know Robby told a very heartfelt story about his decision to reevaluate his life after the tragic death of a friend, but jumping right into a relationship after such a loss (both of his girlfriend and his best friend) is maybe not the right choice.

2. His Movie Taste Might Signal A Secret Jerk

I know Martin Scorsese is a fantastic filmmaker, but I'm automatically suspicious of any guy who says their favorite movie is Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, or Wolf of Wall Street (the last which is Robby's fave). Because let's be honest — do you ever want to date a guy whose favorite movie is one for the misogyny history books?

3. He's A Little Smug

According to his bio, one of his favorite things about himself is that he's "handsome." That seems like a big old red flag.

4. He Said "I Love You" Way Too Fast

OK, that date was really cute, but regardless of how he feels, Robby has to know that there's close to no way that he actually loves JoJo after just one date. Infatuation, yes. Love? Absolutely no way.

5. He Wasn't Totally Honest With JoJo

When Robby finally decided to get honest with JoJo about the relationship he so recently left, he seriously played down the tiny window between his breakup and his arrival on the show. Even if his relationship with his ex is totally on the up and up, it's probably something that should have come up in more fleshed-out terms before his big three-word reveal, especially after JoJo's huge ex drama.

6. He's Encouraging JoJo's Love For Bad Boys

The last thing JoJo needs is another guy in her life playing with her heart, and based on Robby's past, he could very much be more of what she doesn't need.

7. He Might Be On the Show for Fame

Look, it's no coincidence the guy is promoting his investment company as soon as he made his television debut.

8. He Kissed Her In Front of The Other Bachelors

Rule numero uno of not being a jerk on The Bachelorette: Don't kiss your would-be lady in front of a bunch of other guys who are falling for her. It's kinda the rudest.

9. He's Kind Of A Jerk on Instagram

Try to read this and not recoil a little. Yeah. Real tough.

10. He's Taking Time Away From Better Guys

At the end of the day, the biggest problem with Robby is that he's a big distraction for JoJo. The guy can't really hold a candle to Jordan or Luke (or Wells for goodness sake), which means he's wasting her time. And on a show with so little of it, that's never a good thing.

11. He Seems Really Into Minions

Unless you're a child or a mother over 40, love for Minions will always strike me as kind of creepy. Find a new meme, Robby!

12. He Could Be Secretly Will Forte Infiltrating The Bachelorette House

I promise I'm not making this up — both Robby and Will have acknowledged the resemblance on Twitter, but all I'm saying is: have you ever seen the two of them in the same room together? Yeah, me neither.

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