Will John Oliver Be At The RNC? The Man Behind "Make Donald Drumpf Again" Probably Isn't A Shoo-In

Real estate mogul Donald Trump and his merry band of GOP leaders will kick off the Republican National Convention in Cleveland on Monday and the one question on everyone's mind (OK, maybe just mine) is whether or not the man behind the Make Donald Drumpf Again campaign received an invitation. Although the host of HBO's Last Week Tonight is set to return from his hiatus two days after the final patriotic balloon has been dropped at Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena, it's unclear if John Oliver will be at the Republican National Convention. The comedic host is known for making Trump the butt of his jokes on more than one occasion.

It's hard to imagine Oliver receiving an invitation to the Republican National Convention, given his efforts to Make Donald Drumpf Again back in February. The segment is the satirical news show's most viewed, with more than 27 million views on YouTube. Oliver's Donald Drumpf campaign quickly went viral with Google reporting Super Tuesday searches for "Donald Drumpf" had exceeded inquiries for fellow Republican presidential candidates "Ted Cruz" and "Marco Rubio." So while a tête-à-tête between Trump and Oliver would likely result in hilarity, the presumptive Republican nominee isn't known to have the sort of thick skin a meeting like that would likely require. Remember when he slammed Oliver's show as "boring and low-rated?"

While Oliver will more than likely opt to recap the Republican Party's nominating convention from his desk in New York, fans shouldn't worry he'll miss out on all the political convention fun. Oliver is expected to appear as a special guest on The Late Show as part of Stephen Colbert's live coverage of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Although CBS has not revealed exactly what role Oliver will play in The Late Show's DNC coverage, fans of the Last Week Tonight host would likely get a kick out of seeing Oliver poking fun at Democratic Party leaders on the convention floor.

According to CBS, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Rep. Anthony Weiner, and former Daily Show host Jon Stewart have also been picked up by Colbert to assist with live convention coverage. Vulture reports Oliver is expected to appear on the July 27 episode of The Late Show, hilariously titled "The 2016 Democratic National Convincing — A Technically Historic Event: Death. Taxes. Hillary."

It's been a rough couple of weeks without Oliver for Last Week Tonight fans, but the upcoming political conventions will hopefully bring us a fresh new round of Trump jokes.