Katy Perry Reports The Weather In Australia Complete With Funny 'Harry Potter' Reference — VIDEO

In one of the strangest promotional tactics ever, Katy Perry reported the weather on an Australian morning show. The show, called "Sunrise" and which airs on Australia's Channel 7, and for some reason the producers thought it would be a good idea for Perry to channel her inner Al Roker and read the weather report. Perry is very charming during the segment, but her weather reporting skills don't meet the same standard.

The segment starts with Perry being handed what she calls a "nifty wand" which she uses to point to a giant map of Australia. Perry has some trouble with pronouncing the cities names — Canberra as "Canaberra" draws a big laugh from her co-anchors — and isn't able to find a good position to stand while reading the report. She remains very confident about her reporting the whole time, continues all the way through until the end, and even throws in a Harry Potter joke.

As a bonus, Perry meets her Madame Tussauds wax statue at the end (because that makes total sense...) and she isn't a huge fan of it to begin with. "That is not me! She is dead!" Perry exclaims. She goes on to say, after noting how the statue is a little too busty, "She's very strange, but I like her. I think we'll be friends." In the end she actually is able to get in a couple lines about her Australian tour which stars in November.

Check out Katy Perry's determination during her weather report below.