What To Do With All Those Extra Pokemon

by Caitlyn Callegari

You know what's different about "Pokemon Go" and the Pokemon card game I played when I was younger? It was a heck of a lot easier to pretend like I knew how to do things. Yeah, that's right, I said it. I used to cheat. A lot. Let's not even get started on the Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow game for the Gameboy. I still get flashbacks to being stuck in that damn dark abyss of a tunnel for days on end because I couldn't cheat there, either. Anyway, my point here is, that it's natural to have questions on how to best play the game. Like, for instance, a very common concern I'm sure you all have is, how do you transfer your extra Pokemon in "Pokemon Go"? It's an important question to be asking, because transferring your Pokemon to Professor Willow means candy in your pocket. And, candy in your pocket means more evolving opportunities.

Don't fret, fellow gamers, I am here to help you. See? Look at how this game is bringing us all together! It's wonderful. Anyway, back to the whole transferring your Pokemon thing. If you are new to the game, confused, or just simply Pokemon inept like this girl right here, and want to transfer your little (or big) guys to Professor Willow, look no further. I did some necessary digging, because obviously this is an extremely pressing matter, and I have the answer... in detail.

In order to transfer your Pokemon to Professor Willow for a candy, you need to press the Pokeball icon, choose "Pokemon," and then pick which Pokemon you're going to send over. After, you need to head on down to the bottom of the screen and click on the "Transfer" button and then click, "Yes." When the transfer is complete you'll receive one of that Pokemon's type of candy. So don't go trading a pidgey hoping to evolve your squirtle. A pidgey can only get you pidgey candy. Another tip? Trade your low CP Pokemon so you can keep your stronger ones. Also good to note: All transfers are final, no exceptions. Make sure you're trading the right one! Get enough candy and you can evolve your Pokemon, or power them up to succeed in battles.

So, now that you're a little more Poke-astute, go on with your bad self and catch and transfer Pokemon with a newfound confidence. You can walk around with your head held high — or down... because, like, you're probably looking at your screen.