Who Wins Power Of Veto During Week 4 Of 'Big Brother 18'? Corey's Chances Depend On The Competition

We've just gotten through another incredibly tumultuous episode of Big Brother 18. Is your head spinning as fast as mine is right now? From her emotional rollercoaster to her triumphant securing of the Road Kill nomination, Tiffany is becoming Big Brother's most iconic player and the biggest target. As we go into Week 4, we began with fights, broken alliances, catty remarks and some breakdowns. I think it's safe to say it's been one of the most emotional episodes yet. With the whole Big Brother house seemingly dead set on getting Tiffany or Frank out of the house, watching these two thrive in an unlikely union has made for some great television. But now that target Tiffany has put Corey up on the block, does this mean we're going to see an unfortunate reversal of fortune for one of the show's more lowkey players? Lucky for us, we don't have to rely on just the episodes to stay on top of the game; we have the live feeds too. Those live feeds just gave us a big spoiler but trust me, you'll want to keep reading.

Corey's been a bit of a wild card up to this point. Getting put on the block is a somewhat of a surprise. Sure, he may be stirring up a showmance with Nicole. He may be fending off rumors and forming alliances, too. Corey's time in the Big Brother house has largely been defined by his relationships with his other housemates; we have yet to see Corey show his true colors. Being put up on the block along with Tiffany and Natalie means that we have the chance now to get a better feel for him. This will be even more true when we eventually see what the live feed confirmed: Corey winning the Power of Veto. So where does Corey go from here? His options for the Power of Veto nomination are interesting.

The first option is to not use it at all. If Corey decided to let things stay as they were, chances are still good that Tiffany could get evicted. This would placate the other houseguests, right? Things might return to their usual levels of secretive and Corey and Natalie would be in the clear. But so far, it looks like Tiffany is not going to take Corey's veto win lightly:

If Tiffany is already revealing her own Road Kill win, it might be in an attempt to draw Corey in closer for an alliance. With Corey winning the Power of Veto, no matter what, Tiffany will have to choose someone else. Have Corey on her side when the dust settles would help Tiffany climb back on top in the house, as she previously vowed to do. Does this mean that Tiffany will go for Da'vonne? Paulie? Nicole? All are tantalizing options for the current Road Kill winner.

Only time will tell how this epic Power of Veto ceremony will go but needless to say, Corey may have just gotten a lot more power than he bargained for. Let's hope he uses it wisely.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS