The "Never Trump" Leader Has A Big Prediction

by Joseph D. Lyons

Yes, there are many Americans against Donald Trump — but one Republican may just take the Dump Trump cake, or the "Never Trump" cake, if you will. Her name is Kendal Unruh and she went all the way to the Republican National Convention to try to prevent Trump's nomination. But so far no dice. Unruh, the leader of the "Never Trump" campaign spoke out in an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Scott Pelley and explained what could happen next, from an anti-Trump delegate coup to a Hillary Clinton presidency.

As the leader of the "Never Trump" campaign, she has been strategizing the best way to see his way out of the GOP. Her first attempt at beating back Trump occurred in the rules committee, where she pushed to unbind the delegates through a rule change. That would allow the delegates at the convention — technically the ones who choose the nominee — to vote for whomever they wanted, including a candidate or a party insider like Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan. The move didn't work. According to The Washington Post, the move was squashed with enough support that "leaders opted not to record the tally."

She told Pelley why she feels so strongly about Trump and what that could lead to.

Because he's not a Republican, and he does not exemplify the platform that we have. And right now the base is not excited to go out and work for Donald Trump. ... Unfortunately what's going to happen is that we're not going to win against Hillary, and the whole movement has been to make sure there's another nominee that can actually unite the party, because right now it's extraordinarily divided.

Despite letting slip that Hillary could win, Unruh maintains the faith that another GOP nominee could be named. She says that it's not the rules committee that ultimately decides things, but the delegates themselves. The current option is to reject the proposed new rules on the floor Monday. She sounded positive in the interview:

We haven't lost right now because we're still in the nomination process, and there's still a plan that we can actually deny the rules that the incredible overreach power grab that, the establishment actually strangled the voice of the grassroots, and they did that in the rules committee.

Unruh remained positive that they can come out ahead.

Oh, we know we have the votes, and this is why the message needs to get out, and this is what we're doing. We have instructed our delegates from day one, the ones that are truly concerned about the fact that they were having to vote against their conscious and cast a ballot for someone they just truly in good faith could not do.

Republicans from the Trump campaign seem to have written Unruh's movement off. Trump's campaign chairman Paul Manafort tweeted and told Fox News that it's over. He called the "Never Trump" movement nevermore. "It was a bunch of rogue, malcontent delegates, and they understood very clearly that denying Donald Trump the nomination through some backroom deal would have destroyed the Republican Party — and not just the presidential election but probably the Congress as well," he said on Fox News.


But Unruh carries on undeterred. She said that Trump is to blame for the rift in the party and that not that many actual Republicans even voted for him. She said he won about 14 million votes but 11 were in open primaries. Given that she sees her role as saving the party — this is her eighth national convention — she probably won't back down any too soon.