The New +Size Hello Kitty Collection Is Affordable

by Gina Jones 2

On Jul. 14, a plus size brand and a universally-adored retailer combined to launch the plus size Hello Kitty collection by Sanrio x Torrid. In other words, the first plus size Hello Kitty range to ever grace this earth is now with us. It was a collaboration that was a long time due, especially considering the long and illustrious history of Hello Kitty's influence in fashion. I for one am shocked that this didn't happen any sooner.

The cutesy line contains 12 new garments from Torrid, all featuring different styles and designs influenced by the iconic Hello Kitty character. Just as easily as you can find OTT kitschy Hello Kitty dresses, so too can you discover minimalist Hello Kitty leggings that aren't as obviously about this famous feline. But as with any big-name collaboration or new plus size clothing line, you must be wondering: How much does the Hello Kitty x Torrid line cost?

Unsurprisingly, the collection isn't quite as affordable as other garments on the Torrid website. Surprisingly, however, the Hello Kitty collection isn't totally unaffordable either — particularly if you're only looking to purchase one or two pieces. Plus, if you purchase online, everything is on a "buy two, get one free" offer. IMO, if you're looking to collect as much plus size Hello Kitty clothing as possible, the internet is the best way to get more cat for your dollar.

The collection starts at $16.90 for an adorable pair of plus size Hello Kitty panties and extends up to $68.90 for some gorgeous Hello Kitty swing dresses, which are perfect for any H.K. lovers looking for their next piece of occasion-wear.

In official statements regarding the collection, as reported by Plus Model Magazine, both Sanrio and Torrid have had nothing but positive words to say. Jill Koch, Sr. Vice President of Brand Management and Marketing at Sanrio, Inc., commented, "The debut Hello Kitty Torrid collection blends iconic Hello Kitty graphics with modern fashion styles that will be hit[s] with Hello Kitty fans and Torrid customers."

Kate Horton, SVP, General Merchandising Manager at Torrid added, “We love Hello Kitty just as much as our customers, so we’re thrilled to collaborate with Sanrio on the world’s first plus size Hello Kitty fashion collection. Our girls have been waiting for this… They’re going to love it!”

Torrid also worked with plus size blogger and businesswoman Amina Mucciolo of Tassel Fairy (as she is known online) for the new campaign. As is obvious to anyone who's encountered Mucciolo online before, this self-proclaimed fairy was the perfect fit for the plus size Hello Kitty campaign. Not only is she an adorer of all things Sanrio, but she is also possibly the cutest plus size blogger to have ever existed. Her personal brand of sweetness, light, and all things nice works perfectly alongside the Sanrio x Torrid collection.

Of all the Hello Kitty collaborations out there, I feel like this is the most relevant one yet. While the world has been inundated with straight size Hello Kitty clothing for as long as I can remember, plus size options have always been wanted. And now, they're here.

Images: Torrid x Sanrio