An Update On What Tamra's Family Is Up To

For the most part, Tamra Judge is an open book on Real Housewives of Orange County. And she has no issue talking about everyone else's business, either. The woman always speaks her mind, but the one topic she doesn't really talk about on the show is her older children. So, where are Tamra Judge's kids these days and what are they up to?

For quite a while, it was reported that Tamra was going through a custody battle with her ex Simon Barney, but in August 2016, Tamra cleared up the rumors in an interview with Entertainment Tonight. "I've never lost custody of any of my kids. I hear that all the time … I'm not going through a custody battle," she said. She did note that two years ago her 17-year-old daughter, Sidney, stopped living with her.

As for Tamra's oldest child, Ryan Vieth is an adult with his own child. It is a little unclear what's going on with Ryan's life since he has an on-again-off-again relationship with his daughter's mother, Sarah Rodriguez, but it seems like they are successfully co-parenting since they've both showed up for family events on Real Housewives of Orange County. Luckily, Tamra is on good terms with both Ryan and Sarah and she gets to be an involved grandmother for baby Ava, as evidenced on the show and Tamra's social media pages.

Tamra and Simon share custody of their daughter, Sophia, and son, Spencer, who are 10 and 16, respectively. The exes are not on the best terms, according to what Tamra's said on the show, but I'm sure that she and Simon are willing to put their personal differences aside for the benefit of their children.

Tamra's family did not sign up to be on Real Housewives of Orange County like she did, but seeing as family plays such a key role on the series, it's a topic that interests the RHOC fans. Everyone who watches the show can tell that both Tamra and Simon love their kids, and maybe we'll hear more updates about them as the series goes on.