Is KathleenLights x Makeup Geek Worth It?

by Rosie Narasaki

YouTuber KathleenLights is everywhere lately. In addition to her 2.3 million-plus subscribers, she's been making major waves in the beauty world. Rumor on the street is, she's collaborating on a highlighter palette with a certain brand. Will it live up to the hype, though? Is KathleenLights x Makeup Geek worth it?

Queue Fifth Harmony, because yes: Baby, it's worth it, and in a major way. Not much information about the palette has been released yet, but what we do know so far makes it look mightily appealing. First off, there's KathleenLights' (full name Kathleen Fuentes) Great Gatsby-esque flapper photoshoot — she posted a behind-the-scenes look on her Instagram account, and the look is nothing short of gorgeous, with extra attention paid to her luminously highlighted cheekbones, the star of this particular capsule collection.

And then, there's the packaging. Oh, the packaging. It's got a delightfully art deco feel, which fits in perfectly with the roaring '20s-style photoshoot. Let's just say, between the on-point palette exterior, and the off-the-charts glow factor, the new collaboration is definitely going to make its way to the top of many a to-buy list. Methinks it'll quickly join themakeup hall of fame, alongside fellow YouTuber Jaclyn Hill's amazing Champagne Pop palette for Becca Cosmetics.

To-die-for, right? And wait until you see the adorable palette itself...

The only thing left to reveal is what the highlighters themselves look like in the pan — and the official KathleenLights x Makeup Geek release date, of course. No news yet, but Fuentes promises that more info on the palette will be coming next month.

She's already proved herself as a force to be reckoned with via five ultra-successful product lines with ColourPop, including her most recent collection, which featured some absolutely gorgeous lip products, as well as an eyeliner that just so happens to be named after your favorite Friends character.

With all that in mind, I think it's definitely safe to say that KathleenLights x Makeup Geek is going to be well-worth the wait. (Especially if it involves more Matthew Perry references).

Image: KathleenLights/YouTube