Ridiculous Taylor Swift & Kimye Memes Are Here

Sunday, July 17 will always be remembered as the day "Kim Kardashian exposed Taylor Swift." I can see it now, if you're a parent, your kids will one day inquire, "Where were you when Kim Kardashian released Taylor Swift and Kanye West's 'Famous' video call?" Thanks to the Keeping Up With the Kardashian star releasing said footage over Snapchat, it's all any pop culture junkie can talk about. Have you checked social media? It's the call heard 'round the world. The drama between Kardashian, Swift, and West is affecting many. So much so, there are a ton of crazy Kardashian and Swift memes that are just as ridiculous as everything that's happening between them.

In a situation like this, people are going to take sides, which is evident across social media. The same can be said for the memes. Those who are #TeamTaylor and #TeamKimye aren't holding back their feelings about a feud that is truly taking the world by storm. As entertaining as all of this, some memes and reactions have crossed the line, so the ones included below only touch on the lighter, more ridiculous side of the internet phenomenon.

The following tweets show what happens when one widely popular celeb couple and one huge singing superstar start going at it. This is the world we live in.

With that, here are a few memes that prove just how out of control all of this has gotten.

For Those Late To The Party

Yeah, some are way past fashionably late.

A New Marvel Movie

Whose team are you on?

Is It Really That Important?

Apparently, landing on the moon for the first time ever doesn't even compare. (Or maybe they mean the other way around...)

It's Just Like Pokémon Go

Because of course someone had to connect these two.

The Summary We All Need

Pretty much on point.

A Marvel-Type Squad

As the Internet is declaring, "Not all heroes wear capes."

The Tom Hiddleston Jab

Seriously, where is T. Hiddles? What is he thinking? How does he feel?

Bringing Leo Into The Mix


Kim = LeBron James

Just call her Queen Kim.

And the ridiculousness of Kimye vs. Taylor continues.