Katy Perry Seemingly Comments On Taylor Swift Vs. Kimye With A Subtle & Smart Tweet

As of Monday afternoon, people are still collectively reeling from the news that Kim Kardashian shared Taylor Swift's phone call with Kanye West to prove that Swift was aware of his song "Famous" and approved of at least some of its lyrical content. (Swift maintains that while the call did happen, she did not know about or approve of West's use of the word "b*tch" in reference to her in his lyrics.) Within a few hours, some celebrities had defended Swift, including BFF Selena Gomez and actor Chloë Grace Moretz, but the Twitter world patiently awaited for news from Katy Perry. Perry has been entangled in drama with Swift since Swift's 2014 Rolling Stone comments about her song "Bad Blood," and Perry has since become a queen of Twitter shade (particularly in regards to Swift) saying the most about a situation with very few words. And this time is no exception. Perry seemingly commented on the Kardashian and Swift drama, tweeting a reference to her newest track, "Rise."

Because of her history with erring on the side of passive aggressiveness on her Twitter, I definitely think Perry used her tweet as an opportunity to comment on the Swift Snapchat scandal — with a little self-promotion thrown in, of course. Now, hypothetically, this could all be a coincidence in timing, but I think Perry has been savvy enough in the past to not miss this opportunity, especially since she tweeted the following right as the drama was unfolding:

You see what she she did there? Perry is saying she's over this whole thing, all while teasing fans and her new single... at the same time! Genius! Perry likely knew that fans and and critics alike were visiting her Twitter and waiting on her "response" to the Snapchat videos, since she has had a few Swift-related things to comment on in the recent past.

A few days earlier, Swift's ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, commented on the fact that Swift co-wrote his latest hit, "This Is What You Came For," praising her lyric writing prowess. But he also wrote some unsavory tweets referencing her alleged feud with Perry, claiming he wasn't a guy she could try to "bury like Katy." Soon after, Perry tweeted a Hillary Clinton gif, pretty much letting us all figure out what she meant, which to me, felt overwhelmingly like "I told you so."

Bustle reached out to Swift's rep for comment on Harris' tweet, but has not received a response.

And that was not it! Perry also re-tweeted a past tweet, which also seemingly alluded to Swift, because it was written on May 9, 2015, a few days before Swift released the music video for her song "Bad Blood." The song was the one Swift mentioned in Rolling Stone was written about a female artist, who she was no longer friendly with.

Speaking of that Rolling Stone article, the beginning of Perry's public digs at Swift via Twitter began immediately after the piece came out on September 8, 2014. The next day, Perry tweeted what will go down in pop music feud history:

What made this so special? She didn't name any names and she quoted Mean Girls, which put Perry very high up on the celebrity social media shade totem pole. Now, we do not know all of the intimate details of any of these supposed feuds, but it's pretty clear that Perry feels a certain about Swift and that her Twitter remarks are most likely not a coincidence.