Watch These Shows To Fill The 'Containment' Void

by Molly Freeman

As The CW's latest drama Containment winds down, the Atlanta outbreak that our heroes are attempting to survive just keeps getting more and more out of control. Now, while some fans may be hoping the Season 1 finale, "Path to Paradise," will answer questions surrounding the virus and the outbreak, others may be wondering what to do once the show concludes since Containment won't return for Season 2. Variety reported earlier this year that The CW cancelled Containment , though the show was always billed as a limited series event — besides, the show that Containment is based on, Cordon , was only one season as well.

OK, but real talk, will Containment Season 1 leave fans with a feeling of being unresolved? According to co-star Chris Wood in an interview with Zap2it, that won't be the case. "I can say this season won't leave anyone disappointed. It will have a feeling of completion," Wood said. "As every good season of television ends with a sort of button, where you feel you've arrived somewhere. It has that energy of being 'contained.'" So, it should give fans some comfort that Containment will reach some kind of resolution in the Season 1 finale (and props for that pun, Wood).

Still, if you're looking for some TV to watch to sooth your broken heart over Containment, I've got you covered with some sci-fi and/or horror series to keep you busy.


If you're looking for another CW series along the lines of a viral outbreak drama, iZombie is your best bet. The show follows Liv Moore, a med student who gets scratched by a zombie and then uses her powers of the undead to help solve murders. The show teased a slightly different third season in the Season 2 finale, and I can't wait to see what iZombie does next. Catch up with Season 1 on Netflix (and Season 2 should be available in the coming year).


Although short-lived with only two seasons before it was cancelled, the first year of Syfy's Helix was a fairly self-contained viral outbreak horror/drama with some quirky b-movie stylistic choices. It's a perfect followup to Containment and both seasons of Helix are on Netflix.

The Strain

Technically more of a vampire series, FX's The Strain does follow an outbreak storyline while introducing vampirism to its world. Plus, since this show is from horror maestro Guillermo del Toro, you know it's going to be scary. So strap in and catch the first season on Hulu.

Fear the Walking Dead

Ever wonder how the world on The Walking Dead was ravaged by zombies? Look no further than AMC's prequel series, Fear the Walking Dead, which follows the zombie virus outbreak in southern California. The series is currently on hiatus in the middle of its second season, but you can catch up on this zombie drama on the AMC website before it returns.

12 Monkeys

Although 12 Monkeys does deal with an apocalyptic plague that can wipe out the human race, this Syfy series leans more toward sci-fi than horror. Still, if you like a little time travel with your outbreak storylines, then 12 Monkeys may be perfect. Catch up on all current episodes on Hulu.

Z Nation

The perhaps lesser known of the zombie dramas currently on television is Syfy's Z Nation. The series follows the efforts to save the human population from a zombie outbreak that ravaged the world through finding a cure. If you can handle another zombie apocalypse show, check out the first two seasons of Z Nation on Netflix.

So, while fans of Containment may be sad to see the series end — and could likely think of many ways for the CW show to continue on — there's plenty of other TV in the sea. These outbreak dramas are just the tip of the iceberg to get you started on finding your next TV obsession.

Images: Justin Stephens/The CW; Giphy (5)