How To Use This Cool New Netflix Feature

It's a given that pretty much everybody loves Netflix. Seriously — I feel like every conversation I've had about what to watch on television, documentaries, or movies always comes back to what's streaming on Netflix. And if you're someone who likes sharing Netflix suggestions with others, you're actually in a whole lot of luck, because Flixtape has arrived. Even better, learning how to use Flixtape is super easy; it helps you make playlists of all your favorite Netflix picks, making sharing your top watches with friends and loved ones an absolute breeze. Remember making mix tapes for all your favorite people back in the '90s? It's like that, only higher tech and with movies and TV shows instead of songs.

A nice perk of Flixtape is that it's a totally free service. It's also pretty intuitive to use, even if you aren't super handy with computers (which means you'll likely get many Flixtape playlists from your parents — trust me on this). Sharing in particular is very straight forward, whether you want to share your custom-designed playlist with just one person, a group of people, or every single follower you have on social media. And what's more, you can actually create and share playlists with Flixtape even if you don't have a Netflix account yourself.

So, how do you use this nifty new tool? I've outlined the basics for getting started with Flixtape below. Start by heading over to the Flixtape website, of course; then from there, follow these simple steps to make your very own playlist.

1. Name Your Flixtape Mix

Once you go to the Flixtape website, you are presented with a few options. You can check out the Flixtape lists that are already on the site, or you can create your own mix — and if you decided to create your own mix, you can either name it yourself or click the "Inspire Me" button. After rejecting the above option, I decided to name mine "'90s Nostalgia," because, well, who doesn't love the '90s? If I'd clicked "Inspire Me," however, the site would have autofilled a suggestion for me instead.

2. Build Your Playlist

Flixtape starts by giving you a few suggestions based on the title of your mix, which you can then edit, view more information about, or remove. You can also add more titles of your own by clicking the "plus" button and typing in a title.

The bad news is that if you search for a title Netflix doesn't have, you can't add it to your playlist. This makes sense, given that the point of Flixtape is to make a Netflix playlist; however, it can still be a little frustrating. But at least things come and go with relative frequency, so if something isn't available now, it might be in the future.

3. Design Your Mix Cover

That's right: Just like you did for all those old mix tapes and CDs you created in your youth, you can design the "album art" of your Flixtape. Hover over different designs and images to customize the appearance of your Flixtape before you finalize it, as seen above.

4. Share Your Flixtape

Once you save your Flixtape, you're free to share it with whomever you choose! There are buttons readily available if you choose to share it through your social media accounts, or links if you choose to send it directly to people that way. People who view your Flixtape will be able to watch each movie by clicking the title, then "Watch on Netflix" — although be warned that you do need a Netflix account for this part.

You also have the options to preview your Flixtape or make another one — because let's be real, who doesn't have a million of these already lined up in their heads?

Images: Marissa Higgins/Bustle (5)