8 Videos Of Luke From 'The Bachelorette' Singing

Whether he stays or goes, you have to admit that JoJo's other resident country star on The Bachelorette is one to remember. Can you watch Luke from The Bachelorette sing online? His music is important to him and it's one of his dreamiest qualities, so other than what we've seen on the ABC series, what's he got? Plus, if Luke ends up as The Bachelor, we might as well learn everything we can and become fangirls for his music. He's a singer-songwriter, and this experience is bound to give him a few things to write about.

You're in luck, because finding video evidence of celebrities who sing or dance is a favorite pastime of mine, from Bachelorette contestants to one of the kids from Stranger Things on Netflix. There's nothing more fun than discovering the extraordinary talents of someone you know from a reality dating show or even a serious procedural drama.

Luke performs as a solo act, Luke Pell, in and around his home in Texas from what I have gathered on social media. He even has a few tracks that you can purchase on Apple Music. As for videos, here are some Instagram clips and full performances from Youtube that will give you a better idea of his twangy style.

1. "Hand Me Down Chevrolet"

For an original song, that's one killer title — and not just because it reminds me of "Second Hand White Baby Grand" from Smash. Anybody?

2. Live In Austin

It's just a little clip, but always good to see that a performer is just as good, and even more chill, when he's doing a show live.

3. Covering Jake Owens

Can this be more than fifteen seconds, please?

4. Covering David Lee Murphy

Wait.. what was that about singing "Strawberry Wine" next — can I request that song, please?

5. "Buy Me A Boat"

Another cover, and a slightly more country rock vibe.

6. Taking Requests

Not my "Strawberry Wine" request, though, that's fine.

7. Singing Along To Himself

Does that count? I'm counting it. Sounds like a good song in the making.

8. "Tungsten Steel"

Finally, his biggest hit. I can't put my finger on why, but this single's video has me wanting to pull on a sweatshirt, grab something pumpkin-y, and go to a football game. It just feels like Fall! Even if The Bachelorette does nothing for Luke but promote his music, that's good enough for me.

Image: Felicia Graham/ABC