Jenna & Sara Are A Dangerous 'PLL' Combination

Sara Harvey's been MIA since the end of Pretty Little Liars Season 6, but it looks like she's set to make a big return. And guess who else just so happened to have recently returned to the show after a rather long vacation? That's right, Jenna Marshall. Photos suggest that the two are going to join forces,which begs the question, are Jenna and Sara Harvey connected on Pretty Little Liars somehow?

New images from the July 19 episode released by Entertainment Weekly show the pair meeting for drinks at The Radley, and if that doesn't scream plot twist, I don't know what does. That said, PLL's creative team has actually been teasing the unlikely duo for weeks now. I. Marlene King joked about Jenna and Sara teaming up in a June interview with Zap2It when she said that Sara "meets an unlikely new friend ... and the two of them together are just delicious to watch." The interviewer joked that she hoped the new friend was Jenna — and King intoned, "Ooh, you might be right," adding, "They certainly have a lot in common when it comes to the Liars."

King wasn't the only one alluding to the team-up, either — Shay Mitchell also talked about the possibility of Jenna and Sara joining forces. As she explained to Bustle:

"It’s going to be really interesting seeing who Sara ends up getting close to in Rosewood ... It’s interesting to see how Noel being back, Jenna being back, how all of them are gonna kind of mesh with one and other and why they’re coming back to Rosewood."

I think we can safely guess that Jenna and Sara's potential new alliance is part of a bigger picture. As King hinted, the two do have a lot in common with regards to the Liars — namely, life-altering, debilitating injuries.

Plus, Jenna has something of a history of befriending the Liars' enemies. Remember when she dated Shana Fring? And that right there's another axe she has to grind. It could work as an interesting reminder that Dr. Rollins isn't the first person they've killed — Aria killed Shana out of self defense back in Season 5. That's a detail that could definitely be brought back up, especially if Jenna ever manages to catch wind of the whole Rollins cover-up (and I think we can rest assured that she will, especially now that the never-trustworthy Mona Vanderwaal is back on the scene).

No matter how things end up shaking out, we know Jenna's going to be in the thick of things and she may bring Sara with her. Tammin Sursok told InStyle, "Jenna’s not coming in just for a hello-goodbye ... She’s there to reveal some secrets, cause some trouble, and answer some questions. So she’s there for a very long time, and this is the beginning of a much longer storyline." Sursok also cited revenge on Alison as one of Jenna's motives, which is yet another thing she shares with Sara.

Any way you cut it, this team-up is bound to be interesting and what better way to unite new era PLL with the old school stylings we know and love?

Images: Freeform; Giphy (2)