Are 'PLL' Wren & Dr. Rollins Brothers? This Mysterious Tweet May Point To This Fan Theory

Pretty Little Liars Season 7 started off with a bang — or, rather, a crash. After suspecting that Alison's husband Dr. Rollins was the one behind Hanna's kidnapping and the deterioration of his wife's mental health, the Liars raced through the woods to save Alison from her evil hubby. Unfortunately, Hanna temporarily forgot where the break was on her car (yeah, OK) and slammed into the secretly British villain, killing him. While it's nice to know that Dr. Rollins can't hurt Alison or Hanna anymore, Dr. Rollins died before anyone had a chance to find out his real identity — because the real Dr. Rollins died a long time ago. We only have a few clues about Dr. Rollins' true self, but a recent photo from actor Huw Collins' Twitter suggests that he may be connected to a long-suspicious PLL character. Could Dr. Rollins be Wren's long-lost brother?!

The theory that Wren and Dr. Rollins are connected isn't exactly new — many people started seeing the potential for a connection after it was revealed that Dr. Rollins sported an English accent. Given that Pretty Little Liars is all about surprise familial connections (what's up, Mary Drake?!) it's totally possible that Dr. Rollins had some secret connection to Rosewood long before he started treating Charlotte in the mental hospital. Of course, we don't have any real proof that that Dr. Rollins was really connected to Wren — but now, we have this:

There are so many things to unpack in this photo, but let's start with the fact that this tweet suggests that, yes: Collins and Julian Morris were in the same place at the same time. Does that mean that Collins and Morris were filming a scene together? Not necessarily, but it would explain why they are able to snap a picture together — they both had to be on set on the same day. If Wren is really Dr. Rollins' brother, as is only logical to ask, then it makes sense that they would share at least some screen time.

Of course, lots of cast members snap photos together — it's the caption that is blowing my mind. Could Collins be suggesting that Wren is Dr. Rollins' long-lost brother?! Be still my beating heart. Given that so many fans believed Wren was actually Big A (partially thanks to those drunkgate spoilers) before the Charlotte reveal happened, it would be amazing to see him at the center of yet another PLL plot twist. Then there's the purple devil emoji — could Collins be suggesting that maybe Wren is A-moji, a.k.a. Uber A?!


Sadly, I fear we'll have to wait to get any real answers about Wren and Dr. Rollins — but if there is a connection between these two, hoards of fans will feel validated by their long-standing Wren suspicions.

Images: Freeform; Giphy