Previewing The 'Rogue One' Costumes

Of all the goings on at this year's Star Wars Celebration, Rogue One understandably had the most attention. The film, which comes out this December, had something of an explosion at the convention, debuting a new footage reel, poster, a Darth Vader glimpse, and interviews with the entire cast on the panel stage. But beyond that, Rogue One had a command of the show floor too, holding court with a costume display that gives a little insight into the film.

While we've seen the costumes in action in the trailer, getting the chance to check them out up close confirms something incredibly important for a Star Wars film, especially considering that this one strays a bit off the beaten path by turning the camera away from our force sensitive friends. Like with every other film in the saga, Rogue One is built on incredible attention to detail, and references and ties to other characters in the series.

It's director Gareth Edwards and the entire crew are completely dedicated to making sure this film feels like Star Wars, no matter how new the territory is. And these costumes are proof.

Jyn Erso's Look

It's got a tinge of Princess Leia in bounty hunter gear in Return of the Jedi, a little rebel uniform, and a whole lotta badass.

Captain Cassian Andor's Costume

If this is not the dusty terrain version of Han Solo's outfit on Hoth, I don't know what is.

Director Orson Krennic's Menacing Outfit

It's got a definite Darth Vader vibe (Darth sure knows how to make a cape look scary as hell) while still paying homage to the Empire uniforms we learned to fear in A New Hope.

The Stormtroopers, Imperial Troopers, Sandtroopers, And Shoretroopers

It would be odd to have an entirely new fleet of Empire henchmen, and the Shoretroopers add something new while still providing a pretty strong link between the Clone Troopers and the Stormtroopers we came to know in the original trilogy.

I'm not saying we can judge the film by its costumes, but the attention to detail certainly has my hopes up.

Images: Kelsea Stahler/Bustle