11 Reasons To Show Off Armpit Fat This Summer

by Sebastian Zulch

Come bikini season, many of us tend to get bogged down with at least one body-based insecurity that blocks us from having carefree fun in the sun. For women in my family, this has always been armpit fat, the cute pocket of chub nestled between one's underarms and boobs. At this point in my life, I see pit fat as one of the cutest features on the human body, but it tends to be grossly unappreciated by those who have it.

Growing up, my mom, sister, and I all had some armpit fat, a fact my sister and I grew to resent based on mom's aversion to this part of her body. My mother would never wear any top that exposed or accentuated her underarm chub, and went to great lengths to keep it covered — even while we were poolside in our swimsuits.

At one point, however, my sister (who was very young at the time) mistook her armpit fat for budding breasts, and would lovingly squeeze and prod her "boobies" with pride. This unconscious body positive act made me begin to view my own armpit chub as something inherently adorable. And once I realized that so many folks — straight and plus size alike — had jiggly underarms, too, covering mine up became less important to me.

So this summer (and beyond) stop trying to cover up your precious armpit wobbles. Here are some reasons why you should show off the underarm chub.

1. It's Super Soft

If you've ever poked and prodded your own wiggly pits, you likely know just how ridiculously soft the skin there is. Since some folks need to go to great lengths to achieve skin that smooth on other parts of their body, why not rock your silky skin with pride?

2. Plus, It's Cute & Jiggly

Like your breasts, armpit fat tends to jiggle as you walk. Embrace it, because it makes you look that much more adorable and sassy.

3. It's Actually Pretty Sexy

Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Honestly, I think underarm fat is pretty sexy. I mean, it sort of resembles tiny, bouncy boobs (as my sister pointed out in our youth). You may not be able to free the nipple everywhere just yet, but you can certainly show off all the armpit fat you want.

4. It Makes Tickling More Fun

Ever engage in some flirty tickling with your cutie? Well, with your armpit chub on the loose, tickling just got way more fun. Now, your crush (or partner) has something else to grab onto.

5. Playing With It Is Fun

When I had armpit fat before illness-related weight loss, I used to love poking and squeezing it just for the hell of it. Don't deprive yourself of some squishy flesh-grabbing fun just because your judgmental aunt said your tank top doesn't "flatter" your arms. Who knows? Maybe your family will want to join in on the fun.

6. It's Hard To Have Fun When You're Concerned With Covering Up

Obsessing over whether or not your underarm fat is concealed will probably take away all the fun of a carefree trip to the beach. Let yourself frolic through the sand unhindered by concerns over what others might think about your bouncing, jiggly pits. You deserve to let loose this summer and enjoy your beautiful body without fear.

7. You Deserve An All-Over Tan

Don't deprive your sweet underarms of their daily dose of Vitamin D. They need a little sunny TLC, too. Plus, who wants tan lines around their armpits and shoulders?

8. Because Strappy & Strapless Tops Are Gorgeous

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Depriving yourself of that cute strappy number you just got, or covering up your strapless bikini top with a long-sleeved shirt, is just not being fair to yourself. Show off your cute clothes, pit pudge and all.

9. Showing It Off Is An Act Of Confidence

A lot of people struggle with embracing their underarm fat. So showing yours off will make you stand out and seem super inspiring to those who need some more body positivity in their lives. I'm sure you'll seem incredibly sexy to every cutie on the beach, too.

10. There's Nothing Wrong With A Little Arm Pudge (Or Any Pudge, For That Matter)

Despite what our fat-phobic media might tell us, there is nothing wrong with body fat or fat bodies. In fact, body fat is beautiful in all amounts. Remember that the next time you feel ashamed of yours. This is your body, anyhow, and you deserve to love it exactly as it is.

11. You'll Be In Solidarity With Every Other Human Who Has Armpit Fat

People all over the size spectrum have armpit fat. Honestly, I don't know many women and feminine people who don't have it. Not only are you not alone, but you're helping to de-stigmatize the myth that underarm fat is ugly by rocking yours with pride.

Have a great time this summer, and don't forget to rock all your best armpit fat-exposing tops before it gets too cold to wear them again.

Images: Jess Zulch (2); Andrew Zaeh/Bustle (2)