Chrissy Teigen Explains What It’s Like When Celebs First Meet Each Other, And It’s Fascinating

Every once in awhile, I feel the need to stop and thank the Twitter gods for bringing us Chrissy Teigen. Not just for her quick wit and ability to shut up an internet troll in record speed, but because she's always done a solid job of bringing us, the normal people, some A+ insider celebrity information. And as someone who is clearly preoccupied with celebrity goings on, her stealthiness in being our go between is always much appreciated. Case in point, on Monday night, Teigen answered a question on Twitter about what it's like when celebrities meet each other, and it was both riveting and spit-take worthy... because it's Teigen, duh.

The question posed was this, "Do famous people introduce themselves to other famous people they've never met? Ex: does @Oprah say, "Hi, I'm Oprah," to @AnnaKendrick47." Teigen responded, saying, "They do. And whomever is the lesser celebrity giggles and goes, 'Oh I know!!' and the other celeb smirks annoyingly." So, I suppose they don't just stand there, scream, and ask for a selfie like the rest of us do. But, the pretending like everyone doesn't know them thing, when obviously, everyone does, sure is odd. Something that Teigen also remarked on. Another Twitter follower wrote in response, "I always wondered that! What happens if they don't know who you (general sense) are?" Teigen wrote back, "They say a safe, 'Nice to see you,' if they sense they might have met u before. Alt: 'Good to see you again!' (ballsy)."

Are you eating up this information? Uh, so I am I. Especially, because a third inquisitive Twitter follower asked, "How do you decide who's lesser?" And the model gave a classic Teigen answer, stating, "You just do." Hollywood, man. Am I right? But, perhaps the best thing about the Lip Sync Battle host answering this celeb FAQ is that it spurred on an impromptu Q&A of other burning questions about fame and those who have it.

Take a deeper look at Teigen's take on what it's actually like being a celebrity, via questions posed by her Twitter followers:

"Have You Ever Been Completely Flustered To Meet Someone?"

Same. On the Vicki Gunvalson front. You know, if I was ever privileged enough to be in her presence.

"Do You Think Celebrity Babies Know They're Celebrity Babies? Like, Can You Imagine Being [Chrissy Teigen] & [John Legends'] BB? That's So Fun"

I'm thinking little Luna is already fluent in sarcasm.

"Do Famous People Have Other Famous People As Their Names Under Their Contacts Or Have Nicknames?"

You know, this is not something I considered. But, it makes total sense. Especially given all the hacking that goes on.

"How Do Famous People Hire Their Makeup Artists?"

I get it. I want to look like JLo, too.

"Do Celebrities Msg/Call Each Other (With Jokes, Concerns, Or Popcorn) When A Twitter Beef Is Occurring?"

Celebrity phones were probably ablaze after Kim Kardashian's Snapchat the other night.

"What About Dinner Reservations? Real Names?"

Perhaps my most favorite answer yet. Keeping it impossibly real.

In Response To The Previous Question, "How About When Ordering Delivery?"

That's totally understandable. I'd just want to eat my damn pepperoni pizza in peace, too.

"How Do Famous People Know If One Of Their [In-Real-Life] Friends Liked Their Insta Pic Or Not?"

Thank GOD this question was asked. I have been wondering this for the longest time.

"Is 'My People Will Call Your People' An Actual Thing?"

Oh, Chrissy.

"Do Famous People Have To Play Along When Their Celeb Friends Are In A Publicity Stunt Relationship? Do They Get Paid, Too?"

Eh, jury's out on that one.

"Do Celebs Fangirl When Other Celebrities Tweet Them Or Like Their Stuff On Instagram?"

Sort of how I behave when I realize my formerly Instagram-less aunt liked a picture with a particularly scandalous caption. Got it.

"Do Celebrities Have Their Own Version Of Christian Mingle/Eharmony?"

*Googles how to join*

"How Many People Do You Know Are Part Of The Illuminati?"

Sure, Chrissy. Sure.

"Do Celebs Save Good Paps Photos They Found [On The] Internet Into Their Phones?"

I respect that.

"Have You Ever Felt So Damn Bomb That [You] Call Up The Paps And Stage A 'Spontaneous' Photo Shoot As [You] Walk To Starbucks?"

*Side eyes all future celebs I see photographed at this spot who complain about paparazzi*

This is a lot to process, I know. But again, let's just be grateful for Teigen for these juicy details. Without her, we celeb culture buffs would be nowhere.