Boy Runs Away After Mom Deletes "Pokemon Go"

You must have noticed that people are taking "Pokemon Go" and the capture of Pokemon very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that a boy ran away after his mom deleted "Pokemon Go" from his phone. His journey was documented by his sister, who used Snapchat videos and photos to remember every single detail of his outburst. That's going to be a family favorite home video for years to come!

According to Stephanie McIntyre's Snapchat story, her younger brother was inconsolable after their mother deleted his "Pokemon Go" game account from his phone. Let this be a lesson to all mothers out there — if you take away a child's Pokemon game as punishment, be prepared for retaliation. The 10-year-old Scottish boy named Kyle was so frustrated with his situation that he packed up his things and bounced. No more living in a house where "Pokemon Go" isn't respected. Stephanie's video shows Kyle on his scooter across the street, while she herself is laughing uncontrollably. "He's not coming back" is the caption on one of the photos.

I've never had the guts to run away from home, nor have I ever had a real reason to. Cellphones weren't as cool as they are today, and no one challenged my Pokemon obsession because I didn't have one growing up. My parents were all about books and leaving me to be raised by American television. Kyle, on the other hand, has clearly tasted the wonders that is "Pokemon Go" and knows what he could be missing. Luckily, his family knew where he was and where he was running away to. Stephanie's Snapchat story will forever be shown on birthdays and holidays to everyone with eyes. Below is the entire story:

In the video the sister can be heard hysterically laughing as her mother goes out searching for her younger brother. She shows pictures of his missing clothes and even points out that he took his football medals with him as well. Makes sense to me! If you're going to run away, you might as well take all of your most prized possessions with you. Kyle's behavior and Stephanie's tweet got the attention of The Sun, which is why they showed up at their house to tell them that they are making it into the next issue.

Not bad for a little boy who just decided to run away over a punishment. The video doesn't show how Kyle's story ended, but it seems like he is staying with relatives until everything blows over. Hopefully he goes back to playing the game he loves, and following the rules his mother set for him.