This 'True Detective' Visual Guide Art Companion is Incredible

Like most humans with eyes in the world in 2014, we are totally obsessed with True Detective . The HBO series has anything and everything good you could want from a television series: it's visual, visceral, brooding, mysterious, intriguing, engaging, exciting, upsetting, twisty and turny — and with serious acting chops to boot. (Alright, alright, alright!) It is quite possibly one of the greatest things HBO has ever done. We're endlessly inspired by its brilliant storytelling and visual acumen, and it seems we're not alone. As evidenced by designer Nigel Evan Dennis' ode to the series, fan site We Keep The Other Bad Men from The Door.

Equal parts tribute and guide to the prolific series' many interplaying parts, Dennis' site breaks down not only each character, but their status (alive or dead), intention (good vs. bad vs. unknown), and relation to the story. All of that could be more than enough to give True Detective fans an excitement aneurysm, but the talented designer has also fashioned several truly stunning prints for sale on the site, depicting everything from Rust and Marty themselves, to the Big Hug Mug and tiny Lone Star Beer men. The first of which was posted up on his Twitter account back in mid-February. Check out some of our favorites below and then rush with a quickness over to his site to pick up a copy of your own — something tells us these limited prints will be gone faster than you can say "time is a flat circle."

Image: Nigel Evan Dennis/Twitter