The One Choice JoJo Could Make During 'The Bachelorette' Season Finale That No One Would Expect

I have to be honest: I’ve been weary of JoJo’s season of The Bachelorette long before it even began. It probably had something to do with the guys that were vying for her heart, but it also had something to do with JoJo’s own history of falling for men who couldn’t love her the way she deserved. Any girl with a past like that going on a show where romance is spelled with a capital “R” makes me n-e-r-v-o-u-s. So watching this season has felt kind of like watching my little sister try to weed her way through a group of not-so-great guys. I want to protect her. I want her to trust her instincts. And, above all, I do not want her to end up with someone who will only hurt her in the long run. But, something changed during last night’s episode. As JoJo travelled to visit each of her four remaining men in their hometowns, it became abundantly clear to me that JoJo is just as worried about these dudes and her prospects of finding love with them as I am. This is why I strong believe that JoJo should pick no one during the finale of The Bachelorette.

It’s hard to do a thing that no one has never been done before on a show that's been airing for 12 seasons. That’s a lot of story lines, a lot of first dates, and a whole lot of disappointed men left hanging. But I think this could be the season that something really dramatic happens, and that is this: I think it’s totally possible that JoJo will walk away without picking any of the four men who are left.


Sounds crazy, right? Up until Monday night, I would have said the same. But that all changed during Monday's episode, when JoJo ended up being pretty honest with each and every guy that she’s not 100 percent about them. In fact, when it comes to all four of the guys, JoJo admitted that she has her doubts about whether they’re there for the right reasons or will be able to open up to her emotionally. Those are some pretty serious concerns! And for a girl who is looking for a sparks and butterflies sort of love, turning away four men who don’t feel like the absolute perfect fit for her seems like just as likely a choice as her choosing one of them.

Of course, JoJo needs to do what's right for her — so, if choosing no one is right for her, then it's the right choice.

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