Can You Catch Pikachu In "Pokemon Go"?

When I downloaded a new Nintendo app that my friend told me was "pretty fun" a little over a week ago I had only one question: "Can you catch Pikachu in "Pokemon Go"?" While my friend didn't know the answer then (and it took my a very long time to finally get my hands on one), thanks to devoted gamers and the wonders of the internet, we now have intel on several ways to improve your chances of catching the adorable yellow creature.

Pikachu may not be the rarest or most powerful of Pokemon, but it has always been my absolute favorite. Sure, Oddish is pretty cute, and Eevee is nothing to sneeze at, but in my humble opinion no other Pokemon can compare to the adorable low-level lightning rabbit-mouse. What player wouldn't want to add the iconic face of the Pokemon franchise to their Pokedex? Catch a Pikachu and finally utter the phrase that was burned into our young minds some 20-odd years ago: "I choose you, Pikachu!"

Getting your Pokeball around a Pikachu and living out your ultimate childhood fantasy might not be as difficult as it seems. Just like Ash in the anime series, it is actually possible to catch a Pikachu as your starter Pokemon.

Once you create your character, three starter Pokemon appear before you, ready to be captured: Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. These pokes are all fine choices, but if you repeatedly ignore these first options you will be given the chance to catch your very own Pikachu. That's right, the adorable little yellow critter could be yours!

If you are just downloading the game now (where have you been this past week? And welcome back!) do not make the same mistake that I did. I totally FAILED during this first test and tapped on the Charmander (sigh). New players should stay patient when they start the game and not settle for anything less than Pika power!

If you missed your chance to catch a Pikachu as your starter, there are a few other ways to track it down. Since Pikachu is a low-level Pokemon (its evolved form is Raichu), you can hatch it from a 2k egg if you are lucky! Most of the 2k eggs will hatch into Rattatas and Pigeys, which I know are the last things you want. But stay positive and keep incubating eggs. Every time you walk a little over a mile, that's another opportunity for a Pikachu!

Still Pika-less after a few days of playing and you may want to take a more active approach to the Pokemon hunt. Just like water-type Pokemon can be found near streams and rivers, Pikachu is an electric-type and may be hanging around local power sources. Gamer blog Attack Of The Fan Boy suggests that Pokemon trainers should try searching for Pikachu at science museums and near power plants. Be sure to stay safe when playing "Pokemon Go," because even Pikachu is not worth getting shocked over. For a more accurate search be sure to use the Pokemon Tracker in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. If the outline of a Pikachu appears, click on it, and continue to walk until the footprints get closer.

Now if only I could have a friendship as trusting and special as Ash and his Pikachu (*sniff*). #bestiegoals.

Images: Giphy, screenshots/"Pokemon Go"; The WB