Stuff You'll Never Apologize For Doing In The '90s

In the '90s, there was a lot of room for us to be ourselves and live our best most colorful lives. There were so many different diverse characters on TV in and in books and movies to look up to, so we felt pretty well-represented, which made us feel special. We felt pretty confident and sassy most of the time.

If we wanted to blast the Spice Girls on our boombox which was perched on our shoulder like a parrot, we would. If we wanted to wear moon shoes and backwards hats and eat Dunkaroos while sitting onto of our desks, we would. If we wanted to exclusively speak in Clueless quotes, we would. If we wanted to skip a school dance to stay home and talk to our Nickelodeon chatroom pen pals, we would — and we wouldn't feel bad about it, either. And if we wanted to swap out our floral pillowcases for Nintendo characters, we wouldn't think twice about it.

We were unabashedly ourselves, all the time. And now, as a semi-insecure adult in 2016, I wish I could get a little bit of that mid-'90s confidence back. It was pretty great to never care what people thought about how I lived my life. These are 13 things that you'd never apologize for doing in the '90s, that you secretly wish that you could get away with doing right now:

Fanny Packs

They were perfectly sound carriers for tickets at carnivals and valuables at water parks. They just made sense.


This was a weird hybrid between a game and an education, and you could totally get away with playing with these in class.

Raunchy Mad Libs

You didn't care who you were offending, you were going to make that Mad Libs the funniest possible piece of paper you could.

Guzzling Diet Soda

We didn't really know how bad it was for us then. We kinda thought we were being healthy by drinking it. It had the word "diet" in it, anyway.

Buying Out The Oily Stickers

For some reason, there were always limited shipments of oily stickers. They were like rare gems in the sticker stores. And sometimes, when you had the allowance to do it, you just had to buy them out and give no Fs.

Drowning Yourself In Bath & Body Works Scents

It was totally chill to walk around smelling like a vanilla explosion or cucumber salad.

Vending Machine Rituals

Every day you'd get a king-sized candy bar and a family-sized bag of chips and apologize to no one.

Stealing Your Brother's Nintendo Games

If you stole his games, he wouldn't want to play and would give up and go find something else to do. Then the TV and console were all yours, and you could play your own games uninterrupted.

Being An Aggressive Red Rover Player

If you want to win, you have to be rough. This means maybe making the guys think you're not so dainty and maybe means giving your friends a dead arm.

Unrelenting JTT Obsession

You wallpapered your room with tear outs of him. Your binder had his face taped to it. You didn't care what anyone thought of it. JTT was your number one priority. He was the man of your house.

Taking The Last Lunchable

Your mom bought one for each of you and your siblings, but sometimes you just had to eat them all. Kind of like Pokemon.

Watching The Lion King On Repeat

You didn't give a crap if your family was sick of it. You needed to watch it twice a week, minimum.

Stealing Blockbuster Videos

It was wrong, sure, but, we all did it. Right? You did it, too?

Images: Giphy, Nickelodeon