What Time Does Kylie’s Kristen Lip Kit Go On Sale? Here’s What You Need To Know

It's the middle of July and temperatures in New York City are reaching 90 degrees on the reg — which means summer is officially in swing — and we're finally going to be able to get our hands on Kylie Jenner's newest summer shades. The one I'm most excited about is a matte called Kristen, that is going to look perfect with the white dresses and dewy, minimal makeup that has become my summer uniform. So when does Kylie's Kristen lip kit go on sale?

Kristen along with another new color called Maliboo will go live on KylieCosmetics.com at 3pm EST on Wednesday, July 20. (Although Jenner promises to restock the site on a regular basis, Kristen could sell out by 3:06pm on Wednesday, July 20 — so get your clicker fingers ready.)

Kristen is a bright, strawberry red named after her mother, Kris Jenner, and Maliboo is a light pink nude. Her third "summer surprise" is a brownish-orange called Ginger, but that one sadly won't be on sale until Friday, July 22.

The three liquid matte shades will join her 12 existing colors in the ever expanding Kylie Lip Kit empire, and the Internet can't wait to get their hands on them.

Here's Kristen:

And here's Maliboo:

Here are all three of her new shades together — Kristen, Maliboo and Ginger from left to right.

As with any Kylie Jenner announcement, people are freaking out online about the official launch of Jenner's new summer colors — especially Kristen.

Given how excited people (myself included) are about the new shades, I would guess that they won't last long on the site. Luckily, it's only a matter of time before Kylie inevitably surprises us with another new product, so even if you miss out on this one you can make up for it in the next restock. Good luck, lip kit hunters!

Images: KylieCosmetics/Instagram