9 Donald Trump Presidential Nominee Memes & Tweets That Prove People Are In Disbelief

On Tuesday night, Donald Trump officially became the GOP presidential nominee after receiving 1,725 votes during a roll call vote at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. A voice vote was subsequently used to determine that Mike Pence would be the party's vice presidential nominee. The results of the roll call vote were unsurprising, as Trump had accumulated nearly 400 more delegates than the required 1,237 delegates to qualify for the nomination, but that didn't prevent some outraged, hilarious, and dramatic reactions to Trump becoming the official presidential nominee.

In preparation for the RNC, Stephen Colbert managed to get Jon Stewart back on the air — who else, after all, could craft the perfect response to a potential Trump presidency? On Monday night, after the first day of the RNC came to a close, Colbert and Stewart reunited to poke fun at Trump, and react to the impending news that Trump has clinched the nomination. In this Late Show clip, which you can watch below, Colbert shows up at the door of Stewart's cabin and informs him that Trump is the nominee, at which point Stewart does a spit take in Colbert's face and begins to plot about how to survive the end times.

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on YouTube

As hilarious as this exchange between Colbert and his former Daily Show boss is, they're not the only people reacting to House Speaker Paul Ryan's confirmation that Trump had received the nomination. Many people have taken to Twitter to discuss the announcement, and they seemed eager to offer their uncensored reactions. This isn't anything new when it comes to Trump's campaign, which has been the subject of numerous memes and tweets ever since it was launched over a year ago.

Some Twitter users poked fun at Trump, others criticized his bigotry, and still others came up with a combination of the two, but most of them appeared to a share a sense of disbelief that someone like Trump had successfully obtained a presidential nomination in 2016.

AJ+ also did us all a favor and interviewed some #NeverTrump delegates about their reactions to Donald Trump.

As D.C. delegate Kris Hammond so eloquently said in the video, "My guts are on the floor and I basically exploded." It would seem that's where a lot of us are at this moment.