Remember Garry Marshall With These Tweets & Pics

The man behind The Princess Diaries, Happy Days, Runaway Bride, Pretty Woman, and so many more beloved films, has died. Garry Marshall passed away on Tuesday at the age of 81, according to Access Hollywood. The filmmaker also produced The Odd Couple and wrote episodes of The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Lucy Show. The famed director, writer, and producer left behind a legacy that audiences can revisit. Fans, fellow celebrities, and coworkers are already taking to twitter to remember their favorite Marshall moments, movies, and memories.

Actor Bob Saget wrote, "The world has lost a great man, a comedy icon and a wonderful friend. Rest in peace Garry Marshall." Actor Emmy Rossum shared to Twitter, "An artist and such a kind person who brought such joy. Sat in his office w him not even a year ago. Such sad news." And Sarah Paulson also remembered the filmmaker by tweeting: "Garry Marshall, I am forever indebted to you. Thank you for taking a chance on me. I love you. On the wings on Angels, rest now."

To celebrate the life of a man who gave entertainment and happiness to so many, here are tweets and photos that rejoice in his memory.