7 Positions That Are Way Easier Than You Think

I'm always up for finding a new favorite sex position and that can mean trying lots of weird and exciting new positions — within reason. I'm not going to do something that's so difficult it's uncomfortable just because it's new and different. It has to be worth it. But on the other hand, there are a lot of sex positions that I once shied away from, because I thought they would be too hard or just a bit weird, that I actually ended up loving.

A lot of intimidating sex positions just aren't as tough as you'd think. Besides the fact that a lot of us love routine, it can be difficult to even introduce a new sex position to your partner — you don't want to make it seem like you're unsatisfied with your sex life. And some positions just seem like they're going to be difficult. You'll be too exposed or you'll be uncomfortable or (which has definitely happened to me) you spend loads of time getting into a complex position just to immediately fall out of it. But like I said, some of them really are a lot easier than you'd think.

Here are seven positions that aren't as out there as they seem. You're bound to find a new favorite move in there somewhere.

1. Sitting

How To Do It: You both get to be super comfortable — one of you sits on the edge of the bed with your legs spread and the other sits on the floor.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: Because a lot of people get intimidated by cunnilingus, and think it's a lot scarier than it is. If you listen to your partner, it's really not a problem. And even though, if you're the receiver, you might feel a little exposed at first, you'll get distracted by what's happening real quick. This position is great because you have a good view on how your partner's responding, but also plenty of space to move around, adding hands and toys or anything you're in the mood for.

2. In A Chair

How To Do It: Your partner sits in the chair and, facing away from them you slowly lower yourself onto them, while you guide your partner inside you. Depending on how tall the chair is, let your partner do the work, or if your feet touch the floor it'll be easy for you to bump and grind along.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: Sometimes props, or even just having sex on something can seem a lot scarier than they need to. You might wonder if everything will line up properly or if you'll be squishing your partner (something I used to always worry about). Don't fret — everything will hold up just fine and you'll be able to have sex wherever you like. Well, within reason.

3. Reverse Cowgirl

How To Do It: Definitely take it slow with this one, because it's how penises break (it's a real thing) and you don't want that happening. Face your partner's feet while they lay down, straddle them, and then slowly guide them inside you. You can lean forward to brace yourself, just don't do anything too quickly!

Why It's Easier Than You Think: If you've done cowgirl, you can do this. And it feels really sexy, so that will make it even better. You just need to push through the insecurity of not being able to see your partner's face — listen to how they're responding and it'll be way easier than you thought.

4. Modified Doggy

How To Do It: I think it's great when you're doing regular doggy style and sort of fall into this position, but you can also start by laying on your stomach and have them lay on top of you. If you're having trouble lining up properly, try a pillow under your pelvis for some added height.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: When you think of bracing yourself halfway up, it doesn't sound very pleasant. But in reality, this position is way easier than you think. And if you use pillows to prop up your pelvis, or even under your chest, it's downright comfy.

5. Legs Up Missionary

How To Do It: If you're down for this position when you're on your back your partner can slowly lift your legs up, resting your knees on their shoulders if that's comfortable for you.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: You're bendier than you give yourself credit for. I would always say move slow, because you don't want to test your flexibility and hurt yourself, but lifting your legs up with your knees bent is a lot different than doing it straight. You don't have to be a yoga instructor — this is a deep penetration position for all of us.

6. The Splitter

How To Do It: Another variation on missionary, but one with a very different feel. This time there's still a leg up (although just one), but your partner is sitting back on their heels so their chest is almost perpendicular to bed. Ideally your leg is straight up resting on their chest, but whatever's the most comfortable.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: Because it feels like one leg up would make it really difficult for your partner to enter you, but actually it work. You can also bend the lifted leg and let it fall out to one side to make it more comfortable for both of you — it's not as rigid as you imagine. And you both get an amazing view.

7. Spooning

How To Do It: Get into position (assuming you know how to spoon), but make sure your pelvis is slightly higher than your partner's on the bed. You may want to get some lube and when you're ready you can lift your top leg up a bit to help guide your partner inside you. Both your hands should be free, so make sure to put them to good use.

Why It's Easier Than You Think: Even though it doesn't seem that difficult — I mean, it's cuddling in sex position form— I was always nervous about trying this one because it felt like the fit wouldn't line up and it would just be awkward. I was wrong. It's works so much easier than I expected, plus it's really intimate and allows for deep penetration and access to clit fun. If you're having trouble, there's always lube.

Images: Caroline Wurtzel/Bustle