Which Position Should You Try? A Flowchart

If you've ever read a roundup of the hottest sex positions and thought, wow, those all look awful, know that you are not alone. While research, magazines, and friends may try to tell you there really is a sex position that's a zillion times better than the others, the truth is, the best sex position out there all depends on you. Some people are in love with anal, some people will defend missionary to the end, and some people just don't like oral. Some need to take control to get off and others need to make eye contact to enjoy themselves. But that's the beauty of sex — we all have different desires. Just like we're all attracted to different people, what works for you in bed may differ from what works from others. But even if you've already found your number one bedroom move, your sex position soulmate, there's never any harm in trying to mix it up.

Maybe you're looking to try something more adventurous or maybe you're looking for a more intimate position. Heck, maybe you just want a new way to be lazy AF in bed. The good news is there's probably a sex position you've never heard of with your name on it. But just the thought of figuring out where to start will kill the mood faster than the cat jumping on the bed mid-hookup.

So to help you change things up, here's a guide to help you figure out which sex position to try next, because it's this one's all about you.

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Images: Andrew Zaeh for Bustle