You Knew This "Pokemon Go" Dating App Was Coming

Seeing as "Pokemon Go" has taken over Tinder as the most popular app, Pokedates, a "Pokemon Go" dating app, was a Millennial inevitability. Now you can go on dates with other Pokemon trainers, and you don't even have to mangle Misty's bike and incite several seasons of animated rage to do it! The brainchild of startup Project Fix Up, the dating service lets users specify all the regular information about their dating life and fill out a questionnaire, at which point a specialist on the site will match them with another Pokemon trainer and designate a meeting place (at a Pokestop, because duh). After that you can look forward to romantic sunset stampedes for Gyradoses on the beach, long walks in the park chasing Lure Modules dropped by eight-year-olds, and, if all goes well, plenty of "Pokemon Go" & Chill.

Users can sign up for the service using the app or using their desktop computers (if you can tear yourself away from "Pokemon Go" long enough to make a login, that is). You'll sign up for Project Fix Up as a general site, and once you've logged in all of your preferences, you'll be redirected to a page that offers a few themes for potential dates — one of which includes "Pokemon Go".

Once you've sent all your deets, a specialist will look over your questionnaire and set to work on setting you up with your Poke-soulmate. Ordinarily a setup costs $20 per date, but in celebration of all of us time traveling back to the '90s en masse, Project Fix Up is offering the first date free with the promo code “POKEDATES2016”. You also get another free date for each person you refer to the service, so if you have as many single friends as there are Pidgeys in suburbia, you ought to be set on free dates for life.

And hey, before you knock it, you should know that plenty of other people have used "Pokemon Go" to go on dates with moderate success. Who knows? Maybe that jerk from the Red Team who keeps taking over your local gym with his Snorlax is actually your one true bae! Stranger things have happened, y'all.

Images: PokeDates