Who Is Corey Brooks' Ex-Girlfriend? The 'Big Brother 18' Star Brings Up His Past To Nicole

Big Brother is fun to watch because of the games and in-fighting, but I’m mostly in it for the showmances. I mean, it makes sense why people fall for each other so fast. You’re trapped in a house with nothing to do — no phones, no books, no movies, no television — so why not find someone to cuddle with? That’s what Corey Brooks and Nicole Franzel have decided on. These two have been canoodling since Big Brother 18 started, but the real world has quietly crept in, as Corey recently opened the ex file. It leads viewers and especially feedsters to wonder, who is Corey Brooks’ ex-girlfriend on Big Brother 18 ?

Corey first mentioned his ex-girlfriend a while back, and he claimed to the Big Brother 18 house that she would watch everything he did, because she thought that he was checking out other girls. Basically, Corey painted his ex-girlfriend as allegedly being the jealous type, and Nicole kind of lost it. She started freaking out and worrying that Corey’s ex-girlfriend was going to attack her on social media. Corey's ex Alexia Standish told Bustle via Twitter that she has "nothing to say in regards to Corey," and added, "we broke up a long time ago, I'm not one to stalk, & I've been dating some1 for a few months. Wish him nothing but the best."

Because I couldn’t believe that Nicole would react so strongly when she’s in a blocked off house, even refusing to sleep in a bed with Corey after their conversation about his ex, I decided to do some Internet sleuthing to find Corey’s ex and a deep dive of his Instagram revealed that the last relationship that he posted about online appeared to be with Alexia Standish, mentioned above. Corey’s feed shows their last picture together about two years ago, so it is possible that he has since dated someone else and that's who he has been referring to in his conversations with Nicole.

The pictures seem to show that Corey and Alexia dated all through college and then some. They look like babies in these photos. Alexia's Instagram is private, and her Twitter doesn't seem to be a place where she shares photos — it's mostly just retweeting the news — so I couldn't take a look at any photos she may have posted when she and Corey were together.

So is Alexia the ex-girlfriend he was specifically referring to? There's no way to be sure, but no matter who this ex is, Corey has no business putting her on blast like this. I hate the trope of a jealous or "crazy" ex. It's just too easy and offensive to label a woman as crazy when she expresses her feelings instead of, you know, listening to her emotions instead. Obviously, I wasn't in their relationship, so I don't know what happened between Corey and his ex, but making these claims about her in such a public forum seems uncalled for.

Will Corey open the ex file even further as he spends more time on the show? Given Nicole's reaction to this conversation, I'm not sure he will. Nicole did not take his claims well, and since Corey seems to be really into her, it may be easier for him not to bring it up again, and I hope he doesn't for his ex's sake.

Image: Bill Inoshita/CBS