Anne Hathaway's Tribute To Garry Marshall Is Short, But Incredibly Sweet — PHOTO

On Tuesday, it was announced that legendary director, producer, writer, and actor Garry Marshall had died at the age of 81. Since then, celebrities have been speaking out honoring the man who touched their lives greatly. I'm sure there is one particular actor fans have been waiting to hear from. Well, she has spoken out. On Wednesday, Anne Hathaway shared a tribute for Marshall on Instagram. Even though it's short, it is incredibly sweet. Yes, it will make you feel things, especially if you're a huge fan of The Princess Diaries, which Marshall directed.

Alongside a black and white image of Marshall behind the camera, Hathaway wrote, "Heaven just got funnier. I love you Garry. Thank you for everything." Talk about a perfect way to tribute the man who basically put Hathaway on the map in 2001.

The Princess Diaries was the now-Oscar-winning actor's first huge movie role. Of course, she played Princess Mia Thermopolis in the film, in addition to the sequel, The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement. I'd like to thank Marshall for creating such a fun, witty, intelligent young woman who embraced her flaws. That's the type of role model young girls need in their lives. There will never not be a day I won't equate Hathaway with her lovable role as Mia, and I have a feeling she feels the same way.

Clearly, the Marshall and Hathaway stayed close since she first took on the role. In April, it was revealed (via Vanity Fair) that the two and Julie Andrews all sat down to talk about a third Princess Diaries movie. They all chatted over Skype about it thanks to Hathaway. As he explained at the time, "Anne Hathaway now has a baby, Jonathan, which is a nice thing. She wanted a baby so she got a baby! But she came into my office pregnant. She sat down next to my desk, put her computer on my desk, pushed three buttons, and suddenly Julie Andrews was on the screen from Long Island, New York! The three of us had a talk."

Can you imagine that moment? At this time, there's no news on what will happen with the third installment, but it's nice to know that Marshall, Hathaway, and Andrews all maintained a wonderful relationship. It sure seems like Hathaway will cherish it forever.