How To Use A Clarisonic Correctly To Get The Best Face Washing Experience Ever — VIDEO

While lipstick and mascara and eye shadow are all buckets of fun to play with, every beauty maven knows that a good skin care routine should be our number one priority. At the very least, we should be washing our faces to get rid of all the pretty products we pile on. Using a Clarisonic is one way to guarantee you're getting the most thorough cleanse you could possibly need, but the brush device can look a bit intimidating to anyone who's gotten used to using their hands for their nightly wash.

Fear not! The Clarisonic is actually a lot more straightforward to use than it looks — which, IMO, is what takes the most time to get used to. While there are a few guidelines you should pay attention to (use more soap and water than you're used to, follow the timer beeps...) using a Clarisonic is a piece of cake overall. There's no specific cleanser you have to use, and the device does all the actually scrubbing work for you. If you've just picked up a brand new Clarisonic and are feeling a little wary about jumping into the first use, check out the video below for a step by step guide to get the best cleanse out of what's about to be your favorite new skin care tool.

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Editor's Note: Clarisonic has clarified that the device will need to be charged about once every 24 uses.