Gamble Breaux's Net Worth Shows 'The Real Housewives Of Melbourne' Star Made A Career Out Of Her Passion

The Real Housewives of Melbourne are returning to Bravo for their third season, providing fans another peek into the world of fame and fortune down under. Real Housewife Gamble Breaux helps make up the cast of RHOMelbourne , but how did Gamble go from being your average run-of-the-mill housewife to become a Real Housewife? According to CelebrityNetWorth, Gamble Breaux's net worth is an estimated whopping $2 million. While her presence as a reality TV star certainly helps her income, this former model also has another way of increasing her net worth — working part time as an art consultant.

Gamble is a woman of many talents, both artistic and practical. According to Gamble's Bravo profile, when she isn't focusing on her "'maintenance' work of pilates, jogging and the occasional touch of botox," she's busy working as a "part-time as a contemporary art consultant in both Melbourne and Sydney." Gamble's love of art stretches from behind the canvas, making her own works of art, to an appreciation for art that is not her own. Though modeling and other ventures — including designing her own line of handbags — have helped her get to where she is now, it seems that being an art consultant is Gamble's current passion. But what is an art consultant anyway, and how does Gamble make a fortune off of it?

According to Academic Invest, art consultants "provide assistance for those looking for a piece of art to give spaces a specific feel." Art consultants can be hired by corporations, hotels, hospitals, or even private collectors to help utilize art to fit a space. Being an art consultant goes hand-in-hand with interior design, as consultants focus on determining how a peice best fits with the rest of the space. For someone like Gamble, who herself dabbles in creating art, many of these skills likely come easily to her.

Her Bravo profile states that Gamble only works part-time as an art consultant — which might seem pretty measly if determining income by the estimated average salary of art consultants, which Glassdoor places at $32,910 in America. However, Gamble is anything but average and having a prominent social standing in Melbourne's high society likely gets her many high-end luxury clients. Just like any job, the salary changes depending on who you are doing the job for, and Gamble isn't providing her services to just anyone who wants an art consultant.

Gamble is known amongst the Housewives for being "quirky [and] quick-witted," according to her bio, but she's also made a name for herself very successfully beyond being a former model and being married to esteemed eye-surgeon, Dr. Rick Wolfe. Gamble has made the most out of her love of art, which goes to show that if you are truly passionate about something then there's a way to make it a career and not just a hobby. More importantly, it shows that you can even make a lot of money doing what you love, which is also pretty great.

Image: Kristian Taylor-Wood/Bravo