9 Bookish T-Shirts That Are Lit AF

by Julia Seales

I don’t like it when people try and talk to me while I’m reading, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love a good literary conversation. That's why I love literary-inspired t-shirts — they're a great way to spot fellow book-lovers who might be open for conversation. After all, how else will you find people to fill your book club? Personally, I’m a fan of the literary inside joke… especially when it’s on a t-shirt.

T-shirts are comfortable, versatile, and they make great gifts, so it’s even better when they have books or literary references on them. Everything is better with books, after all. As someone who frequently quotes literature, I love a good book quote plastered on my clothes, because I was probably going to say it at some point anyway. You can never have enough books, and you can never have enough book-related merchandise either, right? (Or is that just me?)

There are some t-shirts that will make sense to everyone, but if you’re a hardcore book-lover, you might be searching for something that just makes sense to fellow readers. So here are some amazing literary-inspired t-shirts that only fellow lit lovers will understand.

1. The Anne With An "E" Tee

Fellow book-lovers will instantly recognize Anne's trademark red hair on this shirt, but they'll definitely be clued in when they get close — this awesome tee has the entire the text of Anne of Green Gables printed on it.

Anne of Green Gables Shirt, $34, Litographs

2. The Lowood Tee

Non-readers might wonder if this is your alma mater. Fans of Jane Eyre, on the other hand, will immediately be in on the joke.

Charlotte Bronte T-Shirt, £15, Bathroom Wall

3. The Soma Tee

For those who haven't read Brave New World, this t-shirt might make them wonder what Soma is and how they can get some for their next holiday. For all the readers out there, though, the shirt will more likely incite laughs.

Brave New World T-Shirt, £15, Bathroom Wall

4. The Austen Heroes Tee

Who are all these dudes? No, they're not Taylor Swift's romantic interests; they're Jane Austen heroes. Because how could you possibly pick just one?

Jane's Men, $25, Brookish on Etsy

5. The Library Tee

To some people, it's just a shirt with a bunch of dates, but to readers this tee will remind you of the most beautiful place of all: the library.

Come Check It Out Tee, $29, Modcloth

6. The Soliloquy Shirt

Doubt thou the stars are fire; doubt that the sun doth move; doubt truth to be a liar; but never doubt I love a good Hamlet reference. This subtle nod to Hamlet's soliloquy is pretty much the soul of wit.

Shuffle Off This Mortal Coil, $12, GeekDownApparel on Etsy

7. The Poe-Etic Shirt

Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because Poe wrote on both, of course. And lit lovers know what the raven says: Nevermore.

The Raven T-Shirt, $15, LiteratiClub on Etsy

8. The Tree Of Gondor Tee

This is the one t-shirt to rule them all. No, it doesn't have a ring on it: showcase your love of Tolkien's Lord of the Rings with this Tree of Gondor top.

Tree of Gondor, $16, YomaWear on Etsy

9. The Best Book Club Ever Tee

This top showcases what would be a pretty awesome book club. Wear it to yours and discuss all your faves.

Book Club T-Shirt, $20, BottleofSuze of Etsy

Images: Brookish on Etsy