This 'Pretty Little Liars' Theory Suggests Sabrina Might Not Be As Sweet As She Seems

Though Season 7 of Pretty Little Liars has been touted as "the most romantic season yet" by showrunner I. Marlene King, not all of the Liars have had solid love interests — until now. Emily finally made a move on cute barista Sabrina, and after some classic PLL misunderstandings, the two finally went on a real date in Tuesday's episode "Along Comes Mary." Though Emison fans likely have their pitchforks ready to take down this brand-new ship, we might not have to work that hard for Emily and Sabrina's romance to blow up in poor Em's face. A few hints about Sabrina suggest that, perhaps Sabrina isn't quite as sweet as she appears. Sabrina could be working for A.D. this whole time, and she might send Emily running right back to Alison.

As fans of PLL know, anyone bearing the nickname A is usually pretty close to the Liars — Charlotte was Alison's BFF and her secret sister, and Mona was super closer to Hanna before revealing herself as the original A. Plus, anyone using the A name tends to recruit people in the Liars' inner circle, like Mona did with Toby, or makes their minions insert themselves into the Liars' lives, like Charlotte did with Sara. It's totally plausible for Sabrina to be working under the A umbrella, and a few clues suggest she's A-team material.

In "Along Comes Mary," we see Emily wake up on the couch after a date with Sabrina. The explanation was that Sabrina talked to Emily for so long that she eventually got tired and fell asleep, however, when Emily wakes up, she's too late to take her college exam. That should be a red flag, as A.D. ends up taking it for her as blackmail. Hmm... could Sabrina have set that whole thing up?

It's not the only suspicious behavior on the barista's part. Tumblr account A PLL Chick points out that Sabrina actually has a lot more information about Emily and the other Liars than one might think of off hand. In Season 6, Sabrina learned about Emily visiting the Hollis Medical Center, the very same place that A.D. stole Emily's eggs from. Sabrina also supplied Spencer with the weed gummies that Toby accidentally ate, causing the plan to catch Big A to backfire. She's also the only one with access to the key to Ezra's loft, something she criticizes Emily for taking in Season 7 as a breach of her trust. All of these things could be a coincidence... or it could be a clue that Sabrina has been working against the Liars for years.

If Sabrina is Uber A, or working for the A team, she might be hiding her true identity. She tells Emily in Season 6 that she deleted any social media account because she wanted people to see the "real" her, not the her visible behind a computer screen. Sure, that's a noble thing, but it could also suggest that, much like Dr. Rollins, Sabrina is hiding something. Could she have a secret identity that proves she has a deeper connection to the overall mystery, or is she really just too cool for Instagram?

Only time will tell whether Sabrina is a valid suspect or a red herring, but on PLL, we can't trust any love interest right off the bat.

Images: Freeform; prettylittleliars/Tumblr