This Hair Color Gets The Most Attention Online

While what you consider attractive in a partner will vary from person to person, many of us are naturally curious about what looks others find attractive, especially when it comes to online dating, where instant attraction, whether it's to a witty bio or a cute smile, feels especially important.

Badoo, the world's largest dating network, set out to see what their 318 million users, of all sexual preferences, consider the most “desirable” traits. While a 2015 study found that “playfulness” was the most desirable trait in a partner, Badoo stuck to the physical end of things. They examined the data of users from 31 countries to see what body type, eye color, height, and hair color are the most preferred both in the States and around the world. Do blondes really have more fun? Are taller guys more likely to score? Am I still the only one who thinks Zach Galifianakis is the cutest thing in the world?

Even though we all have unique preferences for who we're attracted to, what Badoo did find was that when it comes to hair color there was definitely a winner. Here’s the sexiest hair color online, according to Badoo’s research.

3. Red Hair

When it came to the most desirable traits worldwide, redheads, male or female, sadly didn’t make the cut, nor did they make the cut in what American men find attractive. Women, however, are a bit more open-minded to redheads — barely. In fact, only one percent of women will engage with a redhead they see online. But before you get angry over these stats, remember that only one to two percent of the population has red hair, so maybe redheads are just more rare online (or are all taken.) My first love was a redhead, so they’ll always have a soft spot in my heart.

2. Blonde Hair

As for blondes, again they don’t even come up on the list of desirable traits worldwide. Maybe because only 16 percent of the world population is a naturally blonde? In the United States, 13 percent of blonde women attract the attention of men online and only six percent of blond men will have a woman raising her eyebrow and possibly sending a message.

1. Brown/Black Hair

The hottest hair color online? The most common in the world: Brown/black. Globally, both men and women with dark hair are most likely to be engaged by someone of the opposite sex, at 70 percent and 34 percent, respectively. In the U.S., women with brown/black hair have a 40 percent chance of being contacted by a male suitor, while men with brown/black hair have a 66 percent chance.

While these preferences have a lot to do with how common these traits are, certainly not everyone is attracted to the same type of person. It's important to remember that variety is the spice of life, my friends.

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