'American Idol' Contestant MK Nobilette & Her 2 Moms Garner Mixed Reactions on Twitter

American Idol Season 13 contestants took us back home in Wednesday night's episode, performing songs that had a level of significance in their home lives. To accompany their musical selections, each contestant also had the special people in their lives sitting in the audience. For Idol contestant MK Nobilette, the special people in the audience were her two mothers.

We learned that Nobilette was raised by two lesbians, who separated when Nobilette was 4-years-old. Each of her moms currently have girlfriends. As was immediately expected, viewers of the show took to Twitter to comment on Nobilette's home life and the usual war of nature versus nurture subsequently surfaced on social media.

When we initially learned that Nobilette was gay at the Idol auditions, we were both enthusiastic, but also concerned. Nobilette's willingness to be an openly-gay contestant on a very publicized platform with a pool of historically heterosexual or closeted homosexual contestants was a refreshing move in the right direction. However, we knew that she would face opposition from those with heterocentric views of sexuality. As was predicted, she faced these exact issues Wednesday night with tweets overflowing with criticism of her upbringing and skepticism of the nature vs. nurture argument.

Simultaneously, there was an outpouring of love and support in favor of Nobilette, her talent, and her spirit. Although we are in 2014, it seems America is still deeply divided on the issue — and on MK Nobilette. Feast your eyes on these tweets.

Negative Reactions

Positive Reactions

Clearly, there is still a great rift in America over sexuality, and we just hope viewers don't allow their personal views on the subject to inhibit who they vote for, which should, of course, be based on vocal talent.